Letter to the Editor: Reader upset at RHS Superintendent

To Whom It May Concern:

As a retired Rockford High School Social Science teacher, I feel it is my duty to write this letter.  Dr. Michael Shibler needs to be held accountable for his unconscionable behavior.  His written endorsement, via mail flyer, of a state senate candidate is unprofessional and purposefully untruthful.

Under the political control of this state for the last several years, public school teachers have seen their wages stagnate, their benefits diminished, and their place at the table minimized.  Meanwhile, charter schools and voucher systems have been promoted and supported to the detriment of our teachers and students.  Our superintendent is one of the highest paid in the state and the person he endorsed enjoys the backing of the party responsible for these conditions!

My esteemed colleagues at RHS were/are highly educated professionals.  They strive daily to present facts and encourage reason consideration of issues.  Sending students into the world well rounded and able to make informed decisions is their life goal, and should be the goal of their chief administrator.

I find Dr. Shibler’s actions self-serving and certainly not in the interest of his faculty and students; disheartening on so many levels.

Judy Phillips


Dr. Shibler’s comments about Senator MacGregor and Craig Beach

“Over the last 8 years, I’ve had the pleasure of developing a very solid relationship with Senator Peter MacGregor.  Pete understands the significance of strong healthy public schools for our community, and fights every day to make sure Rockford Public Schools gets their fair share of state education funding.”

-Dr. Mike Shibler, Superintendent of the Rockford Public Schools

“For nearly 30 years during his tenure as a distinguished high school social studies teacher at Rockford Public Schools, I have witnessed firsthand Craig Beach’s passion for education and the students and families he served.  I know Craig’s priorities for public education and I am confident he would be an excellent advocate of those priorities.”

-Dr. Mike Shibler, Superintendent of the Rockford Public Schools