Follow up on Michael Stephens our local Racquetball Champion

Mike Stephens (right) and his raquetball partner

Congratulations to Michael Stephens for having an outstanding year in racquetball.  This year alone he has won 2 world championships and 5 national titles amongst many smaller tournaments. In singles Mike won at the National Master in New Jersey in his age group 70+ Open, he won the National Singles in Pleasanton California in his age group and 2nd in the Military A division where all ages compete together. He took 2nd in the younger division 65 open at the National Masters in Minneapolis.  In doubles Mike was paired up with Jeff Heath from Kentucky, they took 1st in the younger division 65 open at the National Masters in Milwaukee Wisconsin.  Mike and his partner Robert Gravelyn (who also lives in Rockford Michigan) took 1st at the National Doubles held in Tempe Arizona in the 70+ open division. Mike paired up with Barry Hendricks from Tempe Arizona to play doubles at the National Masters. They took 2nd place in their age group 70+ open. He won the US Open National Singles in Minnesota Minneapolis in his age group.  Mike and his partner, Mitch Milewski took 2nd at the National Masters held in Denver Colorado. Mike tore his bicep tendon in the finals of his singles match and tried to play left handed, he took 2nd

Mike took 5th at the World Games held in Albuquerque New Mexico in singles in a younger division and he and his partner, Tim Lavoi from Minneapolis took 1st in age groups 70+ open. He took 1st at the World Senior Games held in St George Utah (this competition had several different sports with over 11,000 athletes from all over the world.

Mike says the competition at all his tournaments is fierce and a lot of fun.

Mike is training for his next tournament, the National Masters held in Tucson Arizona the 1st week of December. His training consists of working out at MVP in Rockford 6 days a week. He power walks on the highest incline for a  ½ hour on the treadmill, ½ hour swim, lifts weights and drills on the court. Mike plays racquetball at MVP twice a week. His hobbies are racquetball, golf, hunting, fishing and working out.  He feels blessed at his age to still be able to do his passion! He is looking for a sponsor.