New council appoints Lewis as Young replacement

Rockford City Manager Thad Beard with newly elected councilman Ed Ross, Mayor Pro Tem Terry Konkle, Mayor Cheryl Scales, newly elected councilwoman Tammy Bergstrom and newly appointed councilman Jeff Lewis

Welcome to your new Rockford City Council. Two vacated council seats previously held by Mayor Steve Jazwiec and former Mayor Jerry Coon were filled in the November 6 election with Tammy Bergstron earning over 1,214 votes and Ed Ross coming in second with 883 votes. Both were sworn in at the beginning of the regular meeting on Monday, November 9.

City Manager Thad Beard then announced that councilwoman Melissa Young had moved out of the city and resigned her position on the board. He told the new council that there is no set procedure required to fill a vacated seat but he suggested they consider filling Young’s vacated seat with the third highest vote getter, Jeff Lewis. Beard thanked the new board members. “I thank you for accepting this responsibility, it is an important job.”