Wishful Thinking

The Speech and Drama students at NRMS presented the play Wishful Thinking.

Students and parents at North Rockford Middle School were treated to the stage performance of Wishful Thinking presented by the Speech and Drama Class on Wednesday, November 14, 2018. The comedy by Kenneth Preuss centers on group of teens that encounter an unusual substitute teacher and how they use her lucky rabbit’s foot to make three wishes. The wishes come true, or do they? By the end of the play, the players and the audience all learn an important lesson.

This student run program included 19 actors and four crew members that worked together on creating the set, prompting, lighting and hand properties. The one trimester elective is comprised of 7th and 8th grade students under the leadership of teacher Lori Lang.

NRMS students opened the play Wishful Thinking with a short narration.
NRMS students presented the play Wishful Thinking as part of their Speech and Drama class.
23 students from NRMS took part in the production of the stage play Wishful Thinking.
Students in the stage classroom in in the play Wishful Thinking contemplate their wish choice.