Rockford Area Historical Society News and Updates for 1-3-19

By Terry Konkle – President

In this first column of 2019 there will be three parts beginning with the results of the “Nugget” of Rockford History matching quiz from two weeks ago. This will be followed by a new quiz, and then I will ask for readers to help with identification of those shown in a picture taken at Rockford’s football field when games were played at what is now called Ram Stadium (soccer field today).

I want to thank and congratulate Cliff Hill, Nancy Hill, Lee Paull, Dave Hutchings, Carole Holden Christensen, Sharon Berry and Mary Eadie who contacted me with their answers to the twelve matching questions. They did well with only one wrong answer from the whole group. Here is the answer key: (1)Smith Lapham (D) – our town was first named after him, (2) Charles Hyde (I) – Once owned the “Corner Bar”, (3) K – Shoe manufacturer (later became Wolverine), (4) Elizabeth Street (B) – named for Mrs. G.A. Krause, (5) Edna Haner (G) our first librarian, (6) Community Cabin (M)-located in Memorial Park, (7) Cheryl Scales (A)-present Rockford Mayor, (8) The Oatleys ( E )- owners of Star Theater, (9) RAM (C)-located in renovated courthouse, (10) Little Red Schoolhouse (J) – “Rounds School” renovated, (11) The Ramsdells (N) -owners of “The Pines”, (12) Jerry Coon (F) -writer of weekly column in “The Squire”. In order the answers are: 1.D, 2. I, 3. K, 4. B, 5. G, 6. M, 7.  A,  8. E,  9. C, 10. J, 11. N,  12. F.

The new “Nugget” will use one of the photos from Clarence Blakeslee’s tremendous collection. Take a close look at the building shown under construction and then contact me if you know what business is in that structure today. I can be reached by email ( or by phone at 616-866-0530. I often take answers from people in person also.

Finally, readers take a close look at the photo (again from Clarence’s collection) showing the Rockford “Ram” mascot along a sideline at a home football game. The animal has a blanket with an “R” showing and is beside some children sitting on the ground. Can any readers add information concerning when the picture was taken or identification of the people looking at the Ram or the camera.  I think I recognize a couple of Rockford Teachers but am not sure. Please contact me if you can help!

As always, let me know your questions, comments, concerns, suggestions, research ideas and, of course, corrections. Have a great, positive week!