Can you solve the “RAM Mystery”

by Al Pratt,  Director,  Rockford Area Museum

Periodically, beginning this week, we will be showing you some of the unique items that your hometown Rockford Area Museum (RAM) has on display. We think your whole family will enjoy finding out what you may or may not know about the Rockford area’s history and some of what helps the RAM set a high standard for small town museums everywhere.

This week we are showing you a small portion of a collection of antique spectacles from our North Exhibit Room.  They are from the Johnston Optical Company that was founded in Detroit in 1876.  These eyeglasses are styles shown in the company’s 1910 catalog.

The Johnston Optical Company opened a factory in Grand Rapids in the 1920’s.

This terrific collection was donated to the museum by George Johnston of Rockford in 1977.

This week we want to test your knowledge about the tiny green spectacles that are circled in the center of the picture.  They measure approximately 1 inch in total width with a height of less than one half inch.   Comparing their size to the size of the more traditional eyeglasses in the picture will give you an idea of how tiny they really are.

The question is: WHO WORE THEM?

If you don’t know, we invite you to visit the RAM to learn the amazing answer to this week’s RAM MYSTERY.  If you do know, you can send your answer to Al Pratt at the RAM, PO Box 781, Rockford, MI 49341 or answer by email to  Put the word “EYEGLASSES” in the subject line.

The answer will be revealed in a future article about another RAM MYSTERY.

Meanwhile consider stopping in to see what a terrific museum the Rockford Area has, and to understand why those of us who are involved with it, enjoy that involvement so much.