Need firewood? Fuelwood permits available starting April 1

Michigan residents who heat their homes with wood can obtain fuelwood permits to cut dead and downed trees on designated state forest lands beginning April 1.

“This program allows people to cut up to five standard cords of firewood for personal use,” said Donovan Asselin, timber sales specialist for the DNR. The DNR manages 4 million acres of state forest in the northern Lower Peninsula and the Upper Peninsula. Some wood also may be available in state game areas where forests are managed to create habitat.

Contact your local DNR office to determine what areas are available this year for wood collection. Quality and quantity of wood varies by location, so scout where you’d like to cut to make sure wood is available before purchasing a permit.

Fuelwood is for personal use only and cannot be resold or traded. Wood must be dead and down within 200 feet of a road.

Fuelwood permits cost $20 and are good for 90 days after they are issued. For more information about the DNR’s fuelwood permits, visit or contact Donovan Asselin at 517-284-5843.