Tax Attic for 5-23-2019

The summer in Rockford kicks off this coming Saturday, June 1 when the Reading Rocks Festival takes place at the Krause Library and the City Hall parking lot. The event kicks off at 9:45am when current Mayor Pro-Tem Terry Konkle reads the City of Rockford’s Proclamation. From 10am to 1pm, the parking lot is full of authors willing to talk about the children’s books they have written. In addition, many students are recognized by the Rockford Public Schools for their reading excellence. I have been involved in the Festival for many years as a Rockford Rotarian and during my years as a Rockford City Council member. The Festival has a wonderful history. Kathy Munger, Rockford Public Schools, and Sue Bodenner of Rotary were the founders of the Festival. Sue has moved on to founding other programs but Kathy and the Rockford Public Schools are still very much involved. Jennifer German, Krause Library Director, and Kathy are the driving forces of the dedicated committee that puts the Festival together. The Rotary is still involved with the Hook-A-Book program where each participating youngster “fishes” for a new book and catches one that is both age and interest applicable. Bottom line, if there is any way to get our young children interested in reading, we all support that program. Reading Rocks is one of those “ways” and we all thank Kathy and Sue for starting this program. See you on June 1. It will be fun!

Terry Konkle is not only the Rockford City Council Mayor Pro-tem, he is also the President of the Rockford Historical Society and, as such, is also a big part of the Rockford Area Museum (RAM). Terry and I have had the honor to write weekly articles for the Squire for a number of years now and we served for two years together on the City Council. Terry’s quizzes on Rockford’s history are very interesting and his articles are informative. Terry is one of the good guys who gives credit to others and does a great job of deflecting it from himself. In case you missed the May 23 article, allow me to add in my two cents worth. Rockford Area Museum Director Al Pratt over-saw a “Volunteer Recognition Day” on May 13 in which those dedicated volunteers who made the Museum a reality, including himself and Terry, and continue to not only make it operate but continually make it better, were recognized. Since the RAM moved into the old courthouse, the improvements have been dramatic. We owe a “thank you” to Terry, Al and all of the volunteers. Keep up the good work in making the RAM one of the best museums of it’s type in not only the state of Michigan but also the entire Great Lakes Region.

I have to add in a little tax information in order to keep Squire Publisher Beth Altena happy. Currently, the 49th Internal Revenue Service Commissioner is Charles P. Rettig. Commissioners are appointed for a five year term. Commissioner Rettig replaced John Koskinen who served a full term although that does seem to be the exception. The IRS has a budget of $11 billion and 80,000 employees. It is indeed a large organization. Each Commissioner has areas of emphasis. Since Commissioner Rettig’s background is in the area of tax preparation, one area of emphasis is going to be tax preparer compliance through the Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR). The OPR sets the rules that tax preparers must follow. Tax preparers follow those rules or subject themselves to discipline within the OPR’s system. I’m sure the OPR will have an interesting five years. This is Jerry Coon signing off.

Jerry Coon is an Enrolled Agent.

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