Kids make healthy strides in Milage Club

Mileage Club is a fun activity for your children that promotes physical fitness, healthy playground time, and is free to all students.  Kids run 1/4 mile laps around the soccer field at their afternoon recess (1/2 hour time slot).  Every time they run a lap, they get a Mileage Club card punched.  We run it in the fall and in the spring at Roguewood.

This year we had a record breaking season both with the number of students who finished at least one card (5 miles) and also the total number of miles run by our school.  345 people (11 teachers and a few preschool siblings) finished at least one card (over half the school) and totaled 6459.75 miles (last year 322 people finished a card and ran 5890 miles).  We also had an amazing group that made up the top ten students in the school, all finishing over 100 miles!  This is the first time ever that has happened.  The most we’ve ever had in a year is 5 kids get over 100 and that only happened once (otherwise only 1 or 2 at the most get over 100). 23 kids also made it into the Hoogerland/Walcott Club which means they ran 50 miles or more and get awarded by going for a run with the principals Mr. Hoogerland and Kathy Walcott (she’s technically the Dean of Spanish Immersion) and having Gatorade and fruit bars afterwards.

The top ten were with their total miles, grade and teacher name (Pictured above in order from left to right):

1. Quinn Geshel – 132.50 miles (5th grade, Ramos)

2. Manny Abro – 124.25 miles (5th grade, Monterusso)

3. Nehemiah Kusreau – 111.50 miles (5th grade, Cooper)

4. Alex Bartish – 110 miles (5th grade, Ramos)

5. Noah Clark — 108.75 miles (4th grade, Fuller)

6. Simon Elzinga — 108.25 miles (5th, Monterusso)

7. Daisy Cox — 106 miles (4th, Walker)

tie for 8th

8. Kiah Kruisenga — 105.75 miles (4th, Walker)

8. Bella Thompson — 105.75 miles (4th, Walker)

10. Beau Gordon — 105.5 miles (4th, Walker)