Letter to the Editor: Some People Just Love Grass

Jake Slaydon, Assistant Superintendent, Collin Romanick  Superintendent and Alex Johnson Assistant Superintendent. 

by Jes Slaydon

I had never experienced an LPGA event from a groundkeepers perspective, but when my husband, Jake Slaydon was hired at Blythefield Country Club last year, we were excited to make the LPGA event a family affair.

When the kids and I arrived, all the volunteers and employees were so kind and surprisingly pleasant despite having to soon work their tails off. Collin Romanick, the superintendent, gathered everyone for a quick bite to eat, gave a motivating speech and explained where everyone would be helping to get the course ready for the final round.

The dedication from these young and old hard workers can only be explained by passion. Many of them living on a few hours of sleep, pushed their limits to the max to keep the tournament going, even when Michigan weather tried to take charge.

I have never felt such a rush of excitement and “togetherness” like I did as they prepared to go out and parade down hole seven. Spectators cheered wildly for the groundkeepers, just like they did when Brooke Henderson won the whole tournament Sunday night. Henderson even thanked Collin and his team during her winning speech – which I’m told is very uncommon.

We all like to have a laugh when we think of the most famous groundskeeper, Carl Spackler played by Bill Murray in Caddyshack, but I’m telling you, watching these guys in action is a work of art and only a few folks have the discipline to succeed. (Well, I am a tad bias.) I also now understand why my husband doesn’t want a large yard at our home. haha

Next time you are out golfing, be sure to send some praise to the ones keeping the course green. Even if they may get obsessed with a gopher a time or two. Some people just love grass.