Tax Attic for 6-20-19

Last week I shared that I subscribe to The Kiplinger Tax Letter, among other publications, to keep informed concerning taxes.  It’s a quick read and is always interesting and informative.  I have been asked to pass on some of the other publications that I read and organizations that I belong to in order to stay on top of the quick changing world of taxation. The tax organization I belong to is the National Association of Tax Professionals (NATP). I am a long time Board member of the  Michigan Chapter and serve on the Education Committee as well. Our Michigan  Chapter is especially active and provides seminar opportunities through-out the year for the interested tax professional to take over 40 hours of continuing education. An interesting and never-ending variety of topics are covered in these seminars. Our chapter publishes an informational newsletter to highlight the coming seminars. Over 22,000 tax professionals of every type with an average of over 20 years in the tax business belong to NATP. The NATP National organization publishes weekly, monthly, and quarterly newsletters, information bulletins and publications.  Their information is high quality and very valuable to it’s tax professional membership located throughout the entire nation. We also use National’s research services when we encounter questions and situations that need a level of  written clarification or when we have a particularly complicated question. They do charge for the service but, over the years, that actually is some of the best money we have spent because, once in a while, the answer we have received was surprising and had a twist that we didn’t see coming. I also receive email bulletins on an  as-needed basis from Ashwaubenon Tax Professionals of Green Bay, WI. David and Mary Mellem have quite a following and send out comments on topics as they feel it is necessary to do so.  TaxSpeaker is an Indiana company that provides a variety of tools to the tax professional community.  TaxSpeaker has a strong internet presence with online webinars, newsletters, and self-study courses. Similar to NATP, TaxSpeaker holds seminars on a national basis and is highly regarded as an educational institution.   Of course, the Internal Revenue Service also publishes a tremendous amount of information.  Over the years, the IRS has gone more and more to the Internet to get it’s information out. I receive an “e-News for Tax Professionals”, an “e-News for Small Business” and an “e-News for Exempt Organizations“ email at least bi-weekly.  It’s all good information.  I also receive Money and AARP’s magazines.  You just never know where the idea of a Tax Attic article might come from.

Last week, Rockford enjoyed the Chamber of Commerce sponsored Start of Summer (SOS) celebration. Start of Summer is the Chamber’s largest fundraiser for the year and it lived up to it’s billing this year. It could have been a little warmer and drier but that’s Michigan. The Parade was great and the fireworks were tremendous.  Rockford’s Chamber of Commerce, led by Executive Director Linda Southwick, is a high quality organization with over 300 members.  For full disclosure purposes, I have to say that I am the treasurer of the Chamber so I do have some built-in bias. The entire board and staff are all committed to having a successful Chamber of Commerce.  Of course, the Start of Summer is a total team effort with the City of Rockford, other civic organizations like the Lions, area businesses and area residents, all participating to make sure the SOS is successful.  Rockford’s Rotary, with it’s Duck Race and display of decorated ducks, piggy backs on the SOS. In fact, the Duck Race has grown over the years and now is the Rotary’s largest fundraiser.  In my many years of Rotary membership, the Duck Race has evolved from the race itself to become an event in which a good many of the ducks are decorated to such an extent that going in the water would ruin them.  It’s become a Duck Race/Decorated Duck Show.  The Rotary raises much appreciated funding dollars and then spends all of them in a variety of great, mainly local, programs. I am proud to be a member of the Chamber, a member of Rotary, and a resident of this great city of Rockford.  This is Jerry Coon signing off.

Jerry Coon is an Enrolled Agent.

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