Start of Summer Kids For Kids Race a big success

The newly sodded Rockford Garden Park was a flurry of activity Sunday afternoon with over 100 kids in neon yellow race shirts eating watermelon, popsicles, and getting faces painted. The second annual Kids for Kids Race is a fun time for the whole family! Parents of kids 8 and under can run with their kids for free. Face painting started at 12:00 noon and kids were still in line at 2:30 pm! Kids as young as 3 years old ran the 1 Mile course on the White Pine Trail.

Catherine Krooswyk running with dad, Shawn

The Kids for Kids Race is only $20 per child and is a fundraiser for Team Orphans Adoption Grants for children with special needs. Team Orphans, a Rockford charity, works with Bethany here in Grand Rapids to offer grants to local families adopting.  Because of a local business donor, the race also helps our local school PE programs. The top three schools with the most kids participating get $200, $100 and $50 toward PE supplies. Rockford Christian won 1st place, Lakes Elementary 2nd, and Meadowridge won 3rd.

2019 Winners :

• Girls 6 and Under   1st- Sicily Rich,  2nd- Aurelia Bacon, 3rd-Samantha Seaman

• Boys 6 and Under   1st-Micah Kuipers, 2nd- Erik Schutten, 3rd- Charles Roder

• Girls 7-8   1st- Keagan Mulka, 2nd- Brinn Kuipers,  3rd- Kinley Carlson

• Boys 7 -8  1st- Kamden Painter, 2nd- Zachariah Vanerhyde, 3rd- Owen Connor

• Girls 9 – 10  1st- Gavrielle Schutten,  2nd- Adrienne DeYoung,  3rd- Malia Dill

• Boys 9 – 10  1st Wesley Clayton, 2nd- Zachary Tarrh, 3rd- Dax Hune

• Girls 11-12   1st- Emma Hewer, 2nd- Caitlin Brechting, 3rd- Lauren Quada

• Boys 11- 12 – no runners this year- come run next year!!!!

Kids for Kids Race 2019 winner, Wesley Clayton

Wesley Clayton, who just turned 9 last week, was the overall winner with a time of 6:51.4.  He just completed 2nd grade at Lakes Elementary. He loves to run at recess and participates in the Milage Club where he finished the 15 K this Spring with his miles. He trail runs with his mom at Pickerel Lake. He loves all sports, played soccer this spring, loves to rides bikes.  His mom says, “he’s just such a laid back, easy going, easy to have around fun kid!”  Congratulations, Wesley!

Emma Marker, age 6