School Beat: Spring Celebrations Abundant in RPS Schools

By Ricky Clark, Assistant Principal, Rockford High School

The spring is full of celebrations in all of the Rockford schools. From carnivals to graduations, each school celebrates students in their own unique way. As the final step in their educational journey, Rockford High School celebrates its students in a variety of ways through formal and informal events.

This year’s graduation ceremony was held at the DeltaPlex. 612 seniors were honored on June 4th during the graduation ceremony. Picture opportunities, tassel turning, and Pomp and Circumstance makes this event the most well-known Rockford High School celebration, but spring celebrations of students goes deeper than just the graduation ceremony. National Honor Society inductions, academic award ceremonies for each grade, and many other celebrations highlight the academic careers of Rockford students.

Senior Parade is a recent addition to senior celebrations. This event is designed to allow students to go back to their middle and elementary schools to celebrate and share fond memories with past teachers and staff that helped them in their educational journey. Seniors ate lunch provided by the Corner Bar, piled in busses, and returned to their schools as students and staff lined hallways as the seniors paraded in celebration.

Department Awards are given to students on behalf of each department at RHS. These awards are given for a variety of reasons. 11 departments give awards ranging from most improved, hardest working, to best in a specific field.

Strong community support allows more than 78 scholarships and awards to be granted to RHS seniors at the Spring Awards Ceremony. This is a reflection of the community’s support and involvement in our schools as many invest in the future of our students.