The Rockford Squire welcomes new intern

If you see me walking around town with a notebook and camera in hand, don’t be shy! I’m Dimitra Colovos, the newest face at The Rockford Squire. I am beyond excited to fill the role of the summer intern for the 2019 season. As only an incoming senior at Rockford High School, I consider myself so lucky to already experience work in a field in which I feel passionate—journalism. I love journalism as I feel it encompasses many of my interests in life. Journalism allows me to combine my passion for writing, thirst for knowledge, and curiosity about the world around me. And of course, Rockford is the perfect, welcoming community to find my start. Journalism never makes for a boring day as there is always a new story to follow and involves a different person, place, or group than the work of the day prior. I am so excited to make these connections with the people of Rockford and get to know our community as I expand my passion for the career I hope to continue for my life’s work. One day I see myself continuing down a path toward political journalism. After growing up both writing and watching Saturday Night Live every Saturday night and the news on Sunday morning, I’ve found two interests that I can pursue at the same time through journalism. Until then, I enjoy spending my time writing (of course), working various jobs with different theater groups, spending time with my family, friends, and most importantly, my dog. I am so thankful for this opportunity to get to know this career as well as feel connected to this wonderful community around me!