Bike repair station installed behind Jade on White Pine Trail

Tighten up those gears, raise your seat a bit or fill up that soft bike tire, all for free with a new bike repair station located behind Jade next to the White Pine Trail in downtown Rockford. Julie Cronkright, owner of Jade, and her husband Tom, had the station installed as a nice addition to outdoor recreation in Rockford. With an air pump and a variety of bike repair tools, the handly stand-alone station may very well save a bike ride from being cut short due to some technical problem while biking through Rockford.

Tom said he’s had the idea for years and intended it to be part of another project he had planned at one time. “Biking is something a lot of people enjoy, I know we do it with our kids. Sometimes things go wrong, you need to raise or lower a seat or get a soft tire.” The station is permanently installed behind Julie’s retail shop, 17 Squire’s Street. If you need to tweak your ride in the coming years while riding the White Pine Trail or downtown Rockford, there is a place to go for that.