Over One Million Children Safeguarded through Operation Kidsafe

By Dimitra Colovos

Founded by Mark J. Bott, Operation Kidsafe is a service that allows families to create a child safety kit. These kits hold personal information regarding their child’s identity to help in finding their child if they were to ever go missing. In the last 18 years of operation, Operation Kidsafe has safeguarded over one million children. Previously, Mark helped to create the Amber Alert system with John Walsh in the 1990’s. After partnering with Mike Kulka and Allstate-Beltline Insurance Agency, Operation Kidsafe has spread to Grand Rapids. A year-round Operation Kidsafe West Michigan Child Safety Center was opened on April 12th of this year and now provides free and private amber alert ready safety forms and safety tips at the Grand Rapids Allstate Office.

Mike Kulka has now brought this operation to Algoma Baptist Church for their annual free event “Family Fun Day” on Saturday, August 3rd from 10am-1pm. Along with other fun games and activities, families can create free Amber Alert Readiness Kits. These kits are completely private (no databasing) and include the child’s photo, digital fingerprints ad biometric information. This kit will be taken home and kept private by the parents and if their child ever goes missing, can be used by their local or state law enforcement to aid in finding the missing child. This completely free and private service has been an aid to many families and can be used year-round at the West Michigan Child Safety Center, or at the “Family Fun Day,” because nothing is more fun than keeping your child safe.

For further questions, Mike Kulka can be reached through his website: https://agents.allstate.com/mike-kulka—beltline-insurance-agency-grand-rapids-mi.html.