Hillview Townhouse resident presents special gift to retiring property manager

By Dimitra Colovos

On Thursday, July 25, Bryant Fravel, property manager for Hillview Townhouses through Hope Network, was surprised with a special gift for his upcoming retirement. During a regular meeting for the Hillview residents, resident of 34 years Lyle English presented Bryant with a carefully crafted piece of stained glass.

Lyle, with some help from Eric Brown of Eric Brown Stained Glass in Rockford, created this piece of stained glass of the Hope Network logo to honor all of Bryant’s work with the townhouses—all properties in Hillview Townhouses are owned by Hope Network. Richter Place Apartments is another complex owned by Hope Network based in Rockford. Hope Network is a non-profit Christian organization in Michigan that works to help people of all different disabilities to live independently. Bryant now oversees 25 affordable property complexes in Michigan through Hope Network, an accomplishment Lyle wanted to recognize. When asked how long the stained glass took him to make, Lyle casually answered, “About 120 hours.” After being presented the colorful piece of artwork, Bryant immediately searched for the perfect place to hang the glass. The piece is planned to hang in the Hillview Townhouses office.

Fravel wanted to recognize Hope Network—the owners, KMG Prestige—the managers, and Tracy Mogg–the regional property manager.