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Lakes Elementary’s Olivia Sobie: an Example in Excellence

April 15, 2009 // 0 Comments

Radiant smile and sparkling greeting typical of sunny student Olivia Sobie, age 11, is the daughter of Lisa Sobie. Known by her teachers for her positive attitude, her warm smile and her willingness to lend a hand or give a kind word to a peer or teacher, Olivia is recognized by Lakes Elementary as an Example in Excellence. Olivia’s teachers sum her up as “a terrific girl.” From her kindergarten years, it has been clear that Olivia always does her personal best at all tasks set before her. Music teacher Lori Vermerris tells that Olivia radiates with joy and shows that she is a sweet, musical person. Olivia has a beautiful singing voice, but if she tries for a solo in music class and doesn’t get it, she is the first to congratulate the other student. A generous person, Olivia not only encourages her peers but her teachers as well. She shows her willingness to help others by serving as a safety and helping younger students at lunch time. She is also a computer lab helper and is trusted with the task of shutting down equipment at the end of the school day. Olivia is described as “pure sunshine” and a student who can be counted on to be a positive influence on fellow students and staff. A true friend with a compassion beyond her age, Olivia is known for giving without expectation and for looking for the best in every person and situation. One staff member said, “Olivia is an angel on earth. She always has a smile on her face, never shows any sort of discouragement, and just shines each day I see her.” Lakes Elementary applauds her as an Example in Excellence.

RHS varsity dance team tryouts

April 15, 2009 // 0 Comments

Try out for the varsity dance team at Rockford High School, and meet the new coaching staff! Tryouts are scheduled for May 1 and 2. For more information visit

New Michigan State Police Post Commander happy to be ‘home’

April 8, 2009 // 0 Comments

by BETH ALTENA First Lieutenant Chris McIntire is back where he started his career with the Michigan State Police. The new commander of the Rockford Post first worked as a trooper here after graduating from the Michigan State Police training academy in Lansing in 1993. In between he has enjoyed a gamut of duties and adventures. McIntire is pleased with the position, which he said allows him to interact with the public, work closely with the Michigan Department of Transportation and visit local townships to find out where law enforcement needs to concentrate more effort. The married father of three  girls comes with many bona fides. After working as a trooper here, in 1997 he went on to work in-and later ran-a narcotics unit. While working that assignment, he grew his hair out to shoulder-length and spent his time “buying dope in the seediest parts of the city.” (Not this city.) McIntire is also a graduate of the FBI’s law enforcement program at Quantico, Virginia. There, a grueling military-style training regimen brought him into contact with law enforcement officers from all over the world. McIntire was at Quantico for three months taking Masters-level courses. He told of the fascination participants from Africa had with the January snowfall. He said the Africans were out in the snow, trying to make snowmen, but had no idea how. “Some of us had to go out and show them how to roll the snow into balls because they had never seen snow before,” he said. McIntire also worked for one and a half years in Ionia on a fugitive team and in Newaygo as a sergeant. In 2004 he was the section commander of a narcotics unit. After spending the last two years commuting from Sparta to Lansing, he was asked if he would return to the Rockford Post as commander. During his years in law enforcement, McIntire has had many moments of satisfaction. He said the desire to help people is the reason he joined the profession. He shared one encounter while a trooper here in Rockford that he said still warms his heart. An older woman living on Bostwick Lake was terrified because she kept getting hang-up calls. She thought she was being stalked. McIntire said he […]

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