William “Bill” Brinkman celebrates special day

William “Bill” Brinkman celebrated his 81st birthday on November 11, 2011 (11/11/11).



November 19–25 19 Aaron Gulliver, Teresa L. Poddig, Myka Spoelma, Michael Thome 20 Emily Halliday, Andy Thompson 21 Michael Bartish, Paul Kazmierski, Jil Magnan 22 John Michael Mawby, Danielle Secord 23 Mary Blakeslee, Graham Laible, Shirley Norman, Jim Reeds, Carl David Wier 24 Tom Alkema, Eliza DeVogel, Bev Reeds, Jan Woods 25 Sue Arends, Donna Spencer, Janet Welcer

Happy 50th birthday, Pam Beimers, on 11/11/11

You always complained that you weren’t able to receive a birthday card in the mail on your birthday due to Veterans Day. Here’s making up for all those 50 years by having it published in the paper! Love, Your favorite sister & brother!

BIRTHDAYS — November 12–18

12 Amy Bozek, Emily Huff, Bethel Trendt 13 Judy Douglas, Larry Harr, Nancy Krupp 14 Kay Abshire, Bryce Hull, Patrick Kinstle, Joe Magnan, Catherine Anne Phillips, Lorraine Russell, Marie Spendow, Carrie Yeomans 16 Anna Bearinger, Donna Dodd, Aunt Norine Elkins, Jim Huber 17 Kyle Orr 18 Kenneth Scott Alkema, Arlene Bowman, Steve Fisher, Rob Gulliver, Ellen Hansen, Marlene Larson, Maxine Ward

Nancy Simonis celebrates 11-1-11 Rockford resident to celebrate 16th on 11-11-11


Happy birthday to Nancy Simonis of Rockford. She celebrated a birthday on 11-1-11, a once-in-a-lifetime event. Nancy has lived in the Rockford area since 1986 and loves it here. She declined to tell us what birthday she was having on this interesting date. Happy birthday, Nancy! Victor Matthews the tenth will celebrate a very unique […]