Thank you to the City of Rockford for great service


Despite the onslaught of many inches of snow last November and this early February, Rockford’s roads and parking spaces are surprisingly clear of snow. It isn’t the snow fairy removing snow but our people at the Department of Public Works with plows, backhoes and dump trucks working away. The DPW people plow the snow into […]

Three rockford girls donate earnings to Helen DeVos


Three Rockford friends got together and spent many hours making string bracelets to sell.  They sold them to friends and neighbors for $1.00 each.  They made $81.00 and then donated the money to the DeVos Children’s Hospital.  The picture I have attached was taken on the day they went to the hospital to present the […]

Ninetieth birthday open house thank you!

Thank you to my family for hosting the open house on September 18, 2010. Thank you to those who came to congratulate me and personally recall fond memories—and make new memories. Thank you to those who thought of me but could not attend. Thank you for the beautiful cards and notes which we shared together […]

Thank You

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their incredible kindness, love, and generosity after the tragic accidental death of our beloved Stephen. Your cards, flowers, e-mails, Facebook entries, meals, and donations to our designated memorial funds have given us great comfort. The enormous outpouring from our Rockford community exemplifies the quality […]

Thank You

Thank You! Thank you to all who sent cards and gifts for my 90th birthday. Also to those who attended my party, making it a special day. Dorothy Christiansen