Civil War, Gettysburg battles reenacted after 150 years

by Stuart Christians 150 years ago when Americans wearing either blue or grey descended upon the small Pennsylvania town of Gettysburg, The Army of Northern Virginia, led by Robert E. Lee was in need of supplies. After two years of war, with major battles and troops foraging for provisions, his supplies were depleted. General Lee […]

Along the Rogue River… Photos by Marilyn Keigley


By Marilyn Keigley There is some great bird and insect activity along the Rogue River this summer.  In June the Redwings made warning calls as people passed by along the trails in downtown Rockford.  Their babies grew up and were fed along the lower levels of the cattails on the river’s edge. This July, the river […]

Rockford student wins t-shirt design contest

T Shirt winner

Actors del Arte Ensemble of Rockford will be hosting its tenth Annual Summer Arts Camp for (K-12th) graders to be held at the N.Rockford Middle School July 15 through 19. Visual and Performing Arts will be taught and those nterested in registering are invited to find out more by calling (616) 874-5264. This year’s theme […]

Local camp to host two ballet ensenbles from Germany

The Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp in White Hall has been hosting music camps for 47 years. In 1969, they also began an exchange program. Choirs, orchestras and ballet ensembles of young Americans  go to a variety of European countries for 2-3 weeks and perform there. On the other hand, European music groups come over here, to travel […]

Rockford Community Band and Rogue River Artists perform at annual Start of Summer event

Throughout the Rockford area, people are eagerly anticipating Rockford’s annual Start of Summer event scheduled for June 13 – 16. This hugely popular West Michigan event kicks off at 5 pm Thursday evening and runs through 5 pm Sunday. Every year, festival-goers enjoy the live concert presented by the Rockford Community Band. This year, the […]