Are We Safe?

I vividly remember sitting in my father’s recliner, bored, and flipping through channels to entertain myself. I had undergone shoulder surgery four days prior and was at home recovering while my peers were in school. I was in the final semester of my senior year at Rockford High School. It was April 20th, 1999, and […]

Ranger Steve’s Nature Niche Family Hiking Exploration (Part 2)

Five Howard Christensen Nature Center (HCNC) trails were described last week and five more follow. Trail signs have word names, picture icons, and color codes to involve all family members. Spring Creek Loop (light blue lettered signs with frog icon) Begins at the Welcome Center parking area and follows east past Chrishaven Lake and lake’s […]

You are so smart’ is a bad thing to say


Mindsets affect ability to bounce back after challenges and setbacks Rotary guest Hans Schroder, son of Rotarian past president Rick Schroder, spoke to the group recently on studies he is involved with regarding mindsets, or beliefs that people hold about how much they can change their own attributes, like intelligence and personality. Schroder is currently […]

More about Beekeeping!

The more bees, the more fruit and honey! The Izaak Walton League will be hosting a Beekeeping program on Saturday, Feb. 21, from 2:00 to 3:30. Jamie Sansone from the Aquinas College Beekeeping Club will be leading the presentation, with time for questions and discussion about the basics and newer methods. As honeybee populations ran […]

Battle of the Books Champions!