Security improvements underway at elementaries

May 11, 2015 // 0 Comments

Entryways will be updated with vestibules Passersby a number of Rockford’s elementary schools can see some serious deconstruction as schools are implementing new security measures made possible by the 2014 millage renewal. Parkside elementary is pictured here April 17 with the old front office being demolished. The new entryways will include a vestibule where visitors can be viewed from inside the building and have to be buzzed in. Special shatterproof glass will be installed along with cameras. Construction/deconstruction began at five of Rockford’s elementary April 1 and work is expected to be complete by the start of next school year around August 2015. Also under construction for the new, state-of-the-art security entrance ways are Parkside, Lakes, Belmont and Valley View elementary schools.

Hope College Seniors

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Listed below are Hope College Seniors who are candidates to graduate with bachelor degrees. Commencement exercises were held Sunday, May 3, 2015. Hope College is a four year, coeducational, liberal arts college with a enrollment of 3,433 men and women and is affiliated with the Reformed Church in America.   2015 Graduates:   Kaitlin Cress Don & Deb Cress, Rockford Special E Learning Disabilities   Jonathan DeVries Michael & Michelle DeVries, Rockford Management   Erica Dunham Lee & LuAnne Finlayson, Rockford Nursing   Paige Fawcett Dr. Kenneth & Claire Fawcett Management & Communication   Lauren Girard John & Linda Girard, Rockford Psychology, Sociology   Sloan Ouellette Tracy & Shannon Ouellette, Rockford Social Studies   Johnathan Panzer Ronald & Dorothy Panzer, Rockford Biochemistry & Molecular Biology   Gavin Sheasley David & Robbin Sheasley, Rockford Exercise Science   Peyton Wells Robert & Shannon Wells, Rockford Nursing  

Reader tells of great interest in print media from youths

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Rockford resident Bonnie House recently returned from a vacation down south brimming with enthusiasm for her local paper. She stopped by the Squire office to tell the tale. She said she had gone on vacation to Dustin, Florida on Crystal Beach and had taken the January 15 edition of the Squire Newspaper along with her. While on a beach she was taking a Squire Vacation picture of herself with the paper when she was approached by a group of young men and women who wanted to know what she was doing and check out the newspaper. “They were so inspired,” Bonnie said. She said the group poured over the newspaper and told her they were very interested in journalism and newspapers. Four want to be journalists. “They liked the story about the trip, they liked the diversity.” She said the group, all from Peach Tree, Georgia, loved that the paper covered a wide variety of subjects, from the old, the new and the past. She shared the young people’s passion about local news and described why she loves that Rockford still “What is great about a newspaper is you don’t have to boot it up. No one can hack it. You can put it down and come back to it later. I love that this is our newspaper, all about our town.” Bonnie said there is a reason we don’t have our libraries on the Internet and publish legal notices in print. “There is a reason why wills are printed on paper, not online. You can put them in a file cabinet and know that’s where they will be.” “Our newspaper is the most important thing for the community,” she said. “When we were looking for a home, a neighborhood, for grocery shopping, that’s where you look.” Bonnie said she is so supportive of the Squire and the work the staff here do that she wants to initiate a Squire Appreciation Day. Her idea, she said, is to approach people in different parts of the community and ask them how they feel about their newspaper. She suggested going to the city, the school district, political office holders, the Rockford Chamber of Commerce, business owners and residents out and about in Rockford to ask their opinion […]

RE/MAX® hot air balloon presentation coming to Parkside Elementary

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A special 50-foot tall RE/MAX hot air balloon will appear at Parkside Elementary in Rockford on May 26 at 10 a.m., courtesy of RE/MAX of Michigan and the local RE/MAX office, RE/MAX United. As part of the Kids’ Korner hot air balloon program, the balloonmeister will tether the balloon for the student body. If the weather does not permit a tether, “huff & puff” cold air inflation will be presented. Following the balloon inflation, the children will assemble for a balloon history presentation. “We enjoy providing the RE/MAX balloon at community events and for our school children,” said Tom and Tracie Rich. “Kids love seeing a hot air balloon and we’re pleased to be part of the educational process. Hot air balloons have continued to delight all ages since their development in France in 1783. The modern hot air balloon, as we know it today, is actually little more than 40 years old.” The RE/MAX balloon, seen often at festivals, sporting events, and schools throughout the year, is one of four RE/MAX hot air balloons stationed in the region. RE/MAX currently has the largest corporate fleet of hot air balloons in the world with more than 90 in North America. The red, white, and blue balloon is recognized worldwide as the corporate symbol for RE/MAX.  

Rockford Jazz Bands to Showcase Talents

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The Rockford High School Jazz Combo was selected as the Michigan School Band and Orchestra Association/Michigan Youth Arts Festival Jazz Combo for the 53rd annual Michigan Youth Arts Festival on Western Michigan University’s campus May 7-9, 2015.  Over a thousand of Michigan’s best young artists will be showcasing their talents in visual arts, vocal music, film, theatre, creative writing, spoken word, dance, and instrumental music at this best of the best festival.   Rockford’s combo is the only combo that was invited to play and was based on their performance at the State Jazz Festival held earlier this year at Cedar Springs High School.  The combo consists of Sam Corey on tenor sax, Brooks Barnes on bass, and Sean Perlmutter on drums.  They will perform the pieces they performed at the State Festival at a showcase concert on May 8 at Western.   In addition to the Jazz Combo honors, the Jazz Band also received nine honorable mentions for the MYAF Jazz Ensemble held at Cedar Springs. They are Ethan Dunnum on alto sax, Sam Corey on tenor sax, Jake Malone on baritone sax, Jack Ombry on trumpet, Zach Bennett on trombone, Matt Jendritz on trombone, Max Rambo on piano, Brooks Barnes on bass, and Sean Perlmutter on drums.   The jazz band also earned a spot to perform at the Grand Rapids Festival of the Arts on Saturday, June 6, 2015 from 4:45-5:30 pm at the Clock Tower Stage.   “This is the icing on the cake after an amazing year with this jazz band,” said Cullen McCarthy, the Director of the Rockford Jazz Program and the North Rockford Middle School Band Director.   For more information about the Michigan Youth Arts Festival, please visit For more information about the jazz bands, please contact Cullen McCarthy at   Michael S. Shibler, Ph.D. Superintendent of Schools

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