The Rockford High School Skeet and Trap team started in December 2014


Colin Pickerd, a high school student, and his father Brian Pickerd, a teacher at the high school, suggested the proposal and it was approved by the school personnel. Colin had been shooting with his grandfather, Gordon Pickerd, for quite some time. The program was well represented by interested students and their parents. The Rockford Sportsman’s […]

Ranger Steve’s Nature Niche

The Howard Christensen Nature Center (HCNC) has great diversity of habitats and a variety of trails to entice family hikers. Anticipate articles highlighting individual trails to interest family members during coming months. In the meantime explore the trails to make your own discoveries. Plant communities influence the animals that can be found along trails. Hikers […]

Ranger Steve’s Nature Niche Great Blue

How cheery and uplifting a bright blue sky is for the soul in mid winter. It draws me to break trail in fresh snow. The experience is most beautiful when scattered white clouds parade in front of the sun creating an alternating blue-gray snow blanket when clouds temporary block the glistening sparkles of sunrays on […]

Trout Unlimited Collects Information on Coldwater Streams to the Rogue River

Trout Unlimited has been collecting data over the past two years on several coldwater streams that drain to the Rogue River – Rum Creek, Blakeslee Creek, a small tributary of Barkley Creek, and an Unnamed Tributary to the Rogue River. This monitoring was funded by the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) and helped Trout Unlimited […]

Ranger Steve’s Nature Niche 2014 Christmas Bird Count

There were forty-seven traveling observers and 12 stationary watching at bird feeders that observed 60 species of birds (Table 1) for the 2014 Kent County Bird Count period on held 3 Jan 2015. No additional bird species were reported during count week. Total individuals sighted were 8763. A female Rose-breasted Grosbeak was reported. We are […]