Reader questions Back to the Bricks motives

  After reading a letter by Al Hatch, chairman and founder of Back to the Bricks, Inc. in last week’s “Letters To The Editor” section of THE ROCKFORD SQUIRE, several parts bothered me. For instance, “Did Mr. Hatch and his group come to promote our town or did they come to promote their group?” Mr. […]

Resident would like to see skate park

  It’s good to see Rockford considering building a skate park for the kids. Not every child wants to play football and baseball, and considering the amount of taxes Rockford residents pay for the football program and other sports programs at Rockford High School it seems like a more than worthwhile investment. More of the […]

Skateboard park needed in Rockford

Skateboard park needed in Rockford   Reading Mr. Blakeslee’s comments about a skateboard park being an ill advised consideration comes as no surprise. He thought the White Pine Trail was ill advised at its inception. Really, another skateboard park in Rockford? There never really was one. Even back in the mid 90s, the definition of […]

Puppy Mill owners need to be stopped, from Squire June 6 issue

You need to charge these “Puppy Mill” owners with cruelty to animals. This should be a felony not an Easy Way Out Ticket. If it was a child you would throw the book at them. I say hang them in front of the whole community to show everyone you mean business to STOP!! Karla Faulkner

Back To Bricks unhappy with city welcome

Back To Bricks unhappy with city welcome I have forwarded some of the emails that were exchanged between Chuck Sekrenes of Back To Bricks and Michael Young.  First and foremost, I would like to say that Rockford is a beautiful city and one that all of the residents should be proud of. But when it […]