Kudos to kudos letter

I grew up in an “oil patch” and have worked in the oil and gas industry for 35+ years. I’ve witnessed the remarkable innovations in safety and technology the industry has made during that time. People always say “you [as an industry] don’t do a very good job of telling your story.” Regrettably, we can’t […]

Regards to Valley View fundraiser

  A special thank you to all who attended the fundraiser for Brandon Amshey at Valley View School on May 29th. My family and I greatly appreciate the donations and kind words as well as support that you had shown us. You all have made our lives easier during our difficult time. Thank you, Anna […]

Skateboard park

Dear Council Members; I understand you are seriously seeking sites within the city park system for the construction of a skateboard park. I have followed that issue for many years and I believe that your initiative is ill advised. First, the City of Rockford has never been in the recreation business. That need has been […]

Oil and Gas: The Tale of Two Revolutions

War, religion, politics, and guns have been hotly contested topics for decades, even millennia. It hasn’t been until the last decade or so when families, friends, and communities started debating each other on the steps of state capitols and at dinner tables across the country over all aspects of energy, especially natural resource development. It’s […]

Reader appreciates letter regarding fracturing

To the editor, I was gratified to see the response in the letters-to-the-editor section of the Squire issue dated Thursday, May 30 concerning the article entitled “Part of Rockford’s Charm Due to Hydraulic Fracturing.” I found this article to be full of the kind of unsubstantiated and misleading remarks the gas and oil industry likes […]