Writer asks for help identifying dog owner

I live in downtown Rockford and my dog was seriously injured by another dog on Memorial Day, Monday, May 27th at approximately 1:15pm. The incident was quick and I’m sure the dog owner was just as shocked as I was, but he chose to leave without offering any information about the dog or themselves. Never […]

Robert S. Boyer speech for the May 7 RACE induction ceremony

Good evening (May 7), I want to thank Terry Konkle and the Rockford Area Historical Society for nominating me to this Community Endowment Recognition honor. I have known Terry and Jan for 54 years and am proud to call them my friends. My thanks, too, to Vic Matthews for his kind words on May 7th […]

Health and Safety: Kudos to U.S. Oil and Gas Industries

You wouldn’t know it from media coverage, but America’s oil and natural gas industry is one of the safest. These businesses have established smart protocols to minimize the dangers to their personnel and prevent catastrophe. Of course, there are exceptions. But they’re exceedingly rare and not at all indicative of the way average energy projects […]

Response to May 2nd fracking article

To Whom It May Concern: My professional background is in water quality issues, and I hold a Ph.D. in aquatic entomology. I currently teach environmental studies a small college in upstate New York. Although I no longer live in Rockford, I consider it my home, and I try to keep up with what’s going on […]

Comments on “Part of Rockford’s Charm due to hydraulic fracturing”

That scene as pictured in the May 2 issue of the Squire was pretty well reframed by the L.T.E. “Fractured charm” in the May 16 issue. The May 2 story is largely a shallow history of the oil and gas extraction in Michigan from its very beginning most of this history is before and without […]