Fractured charm

  Dear Editor, Oil and gas money is alluring and charming indeed. But the most important part of all the volunteer meetings is that what is coming is “unconventional” fracking. It’s not the type of drilling that was done 60 years ago. The new way requires massive amounts of water. Up to 30 million gallons […]

Fracturing and climate change

  Editor’s Response: I applaud our letter writer for taking the time to read my article about hydraulic fracturing and to share her opinions with the Squire and our readers. I note that our letter writer is quick to attack the article in many ways, including pointing out that she believes the Squire is a […]


To the Citizens of Cannon Township It is important to me that the facts are correct regarding Tim Nelson’s (Cannon Township Trustee) letter “Cannon Twp. Faces important zoning issues” of February 7, 2013 in The Rockford Squire. It is my opinion that the facts should be correct, especially from an elected official. I did attend […]

Letter to the Editor

Reader appreciates Hills’ stories   I really enjoyed the article about the Rose Parade written by Cliff and Nancy Hill.  In 1965 our family was in LA to go to the Lions Convention when my husband Ken was District Governor. We stayed in the Biltmore Hotel and when I walked to the Lion events at […]

Letter to the Editor

Cannon Twp. faces important zoning issues I am writing in regard to an important issue facing Cannon Township. I voted NO on a proposal by Pendulum Real Estate Group to amend our zoning for Settler’s Grove and Hidden Canyon developments in Cannon Township. The group wants to amend our zoning ordinance for 50 lots (of […]