Name not such a mystery

To: Beth Altena I found your article “Rockford researcher reveals ‘History Mysteries’ very interesting, but I must share with you that the French name mentioned is no mystery.  Naming a child after Marquis de Lafayette is like naming a child after George Washington.  If you check Google or Wikipedia for a quick reference, you’ll find […]

Reader sends best wishes to Roger

Please pass on our very best wishes for a speedy recovery to Roger Allen! Every week we await his column and it ALWAYS get a rise out of us. We are very thankful to have such a poignant writer here in Rockford and know he will continue to amuse us for years to come. Please […]

Reader has issue with zombie re-animation

Dear Editor It saddens and disgusts me to be a member of a community that has regressed back to days of racism and sexist pigs, undoing the work of Martin Luther King and Susan B. Anthony. In response to your article on page 11 of last Thursday’s paper, I would have you know that becoming […]

Couple moves to Rockford, thanks, in part, to the Rockford Squire

For Roger: My Google News page found the Rockford Squire for the first time today when I entered my zip code.  Some years back, my best girl of 31 years was on the White Pine Trail during one of our regular visits—at which time she pronounced that she wanted to retire to Rockford when the time came.  […]

Letter to the Editor

Hello! We just wanted to thank you for running such a nice article in the paper for our Thanksgiving Dinner. We had over 140 guests. Many who signed up for the dinner heard of it from seeing it in The Squire. You and your staff are truly a blessing in our community! Thank you for […]