PC approves final plan for Monroe Street condos.


By BETH ALTENA Sale of contaminated half-acre of city property included Passionate, even tearful comments against approving a 51-unit condominium development were heard by Rockford Planning Commissioners on Thursday, March 26 before the board voted five to one to recommend Rockford City Council give the final go-ahead to the project. Developer Marcell Burger and two […]

People in Rockford, What are your plans for spring break?


The Squire decided to find out what people had in plan for spring break and enjoyed a pleasant stroll downtown the Thursday before the traditional week off of school. We found some surprising and interesting answers.   Chris Jones, of Rockford, along with son Ethan, 16 months, said he plans to hang around Rockford and […]

Main Street special announcement

Readers must be patient for next Roger column By BETH ALTENA Those who enjoy Roger’s regular column of wisdom and humor will have to do without his words for a while as Roger recuperates from a minor heart attack suffered last week. He just isn’t up to typing up anything for this issue and hopefully, […]

Main Street

When things get crazy Wow. The world of hourly or daily news sometimes has dull days but there are times when everything happens at once. Last week made me glad this paper is a hometown weekly.  We didn’t have to rush around to cover the explosions and deaths in the Middle East or the “storm […]

Main Street

General confusion It’s risky these days to turn on the radio or the TV. I’d like to avoid getting any more information about Tampa’s social life.   Speaking of generals Although I was in the army for two years, I never met a general. Never even saw one. Maybe it’s because I was only Private […]