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The good, the bad, the ugly I’ve seen a lot of news lately. While I prefer humor, I didn’t see much of it lately. I’m going to make this whole column jokes. Hope you all get a laugh!   Translation A few years ago, I decided to visit my sister who was living in France. […]

Main Street

Voice of experience I lived through the 1928 depression. From what I see now, the current one is working its way to a close. The direction from here is up. Thought you’d like that good news as the leaves come down and we hear winter growling in the distance.   More experience Mrs. Smith gave […]

Main Street

Pushing it Television ads for attorneys go too far. Their purpose seems obvious: to drum up lawsuits. If you play the game they want you to play, you start thinking about any time you got hurt in any kind of incident; you’re supposed to start thinking about someone you could blame and how much you po$$ibly could […]


This week: Serious Topics only   The first is Communication. Smart phones are extremely popular. All that email and texting is handy, but the result has been big income losses for the Post Office. It’s on the verge of insolvency. About 200 years ago Benjamin Franklin launched the U.S. Postal Service, a huge project in […]

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Main Street comedy Good taste is largely a matter of opinion. The humor in this (mostly) light-hearted column has quite a lot of wiggle room. I keep “good taste” in mind, but that doesn’t stop me from using blonde jokes, lawyer jokes, or little kid jokes. Blondes, lawyers, and little kids seldom write me letters […]