Main Street by Roger Allen, publisher — November 5, 2009

Tough decision The President is faced with many Americans wanting an end to the war in Afghanistan, but the generals wanting more troops. What’s more, the people (according to a recent survey) think the President should leave the decision to the generals. We need to remember that if you’re a hammer, everything looks like a […]

Main Street by Roger Allen, publisherog

Word Play Bezel—a groove or flange designed to a hold a beveled edge. (American Heritage Dictionary) Embezzle—To take for one’s own use. (American Heritage Dictionary) Embezzlement—to take a bezzle for one’s own use. (Me) Best money can buy If I say to my legislator, “I’ll give you $50,000 if you vote my way on this […]

Main Street — by Roger Allen, publisher

Hair Most men in this country shave their face every day, all their lives. We use that foamy white stuff that’s intended to make it easier. What it really does is tell you where you are in the process and if you’ve missed a spot. Boring! Women concentrate on the hair on their heads: washing, […]

Main Street by Roger Allen publisher — October 15, 2009

Irony We owe a great deal to dynamite. Alfred Nobel made a fortune from his 1860s invention of its detonator; he left his money to fund the Nobel prizes. Nobel’s detonator invention helped build most of the roads, bridges, mines and dams in the world, taming the rough surface of the globe. The Nobel awards […]

Main Street by Roger Allen publisher – October 8, 2009

Plain talk People depend on steady jobs and regular paychecks to balance their budgets. Few households in this country haven’t had to pass up something because of the cost. Our federal and state budgets have the same problem. All those subsidies and grants were for good ideas, but the government doesn’t exactly have a steady […]