Groundhog Day revisited You may have read here recently that Punxatawney Phil got laid off. Now we’ve discovered the reason: it’s best not to make a big deal about your job dissatisfaction.       Valentine’s Day Ah, love. We’re always looking for it or trying to improve it, and we feel lost without it. […]

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My opinion Recently a Supreme Court opinion reversed the conviction of a drug dealer because of how he’d been caught: law officials had planted a GPS on his car. His privacy was violated, said the Court. Our Constitution has a clause that protects our privacy. The Supreme Court has the duty to observe our Constitution, […]

MAIN STREET by Roger Allen, publisher

Great new job idea How about hiring real people to answer business phones? Most big companies have computers answering their phones. Voice prompts may sound like real people, but we all know they aren’t. And when you push a button, you just get a different computer. Sometimes the computer says, “Our staff is busy with […]

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Good news Employment is up. Car buying is up. So are retail sales. This recession (or depression), although deeper and more painful, is similar to many business cycles we have experienced. We’ll be out of this one soon. More people have become aware that we must have cleaner air and water. The same is true […]

MAIN STREET by Roger Allen, publisher

Seriously looking ahead Republican infighting can be either entertaining or depressing. However, retired people remain especially aware that the President and the Congress we elect this year will deal with Social Security. Our Social Security program was enacted about 77 years ago. Few are left to remember how financially grim getting old used to be […]