Fire practice brings down 113-year old home


by BETH ALTENA ‘It’s very dangerous, but everything is under our control,” Courtland Township Fire Chief Mickey Davis said of training practices that use old homes slated for demolition. Davis said members of his department, along with Rockford, Algoma, Cedar Springs and Cannon fire departments participated in one burn the morning of Saturday, July 20. […]

Rockford rider turns passion into compassionate undertaking

Bikers ride length of state to help others By BETH ALTENA Most people drive their car to work, to the store, to run errands, and take the easy availability of transportation for granted. Rockford resident Todd Stelma has made it his mission to help those who, for whatever reason, do not have the convenience of […]

Drowned diver at Rockford dam a false alarm

By BETH ALTENA Rockford Police and fire, Algoma Fire and Rescue with their inflatable rescue boat, the Kent County Sheriff Dive team, the Kent County Sheriff motorized emergency rescue boat and Rockford Ambulance were all on the scene Tuesday, July 9 for a possible drowning at the Rockford dam. According to Rockford Police Chief Dave […]

Rockford resident turns unemployment into family business

By BETH ALTENA   John Caram said his background, Italian on one side of his family, Lebanese on the other, gives him a unique and delicious blend of cultural cooking. When he lost his job in the sign business four years ago, he decided to turn his unemployment into time to develop his own business. […]

Young has full city council support after excellent review

Michael Young, Rockford’s city manager for 18 years, had his employment contract extended one year after his recent annual city council evaluation. His contract is a three year agreement. Michael was given a two percent salary increase. Once again this year, the increase is in line with the City of Rockford employee groups with whom […]