RPS System Accreditation – ensuring continuous improvement

Rockford Public Schools is fully accredited by AdvancED, the State of Michigan’s adopted accreditation system. Every five years, a reaccreditation review is required and RPS is scheduled to host a team of evaluators Feb. 2-4. In short, accreditation is a quality assurance process that uses an external body to evaluate and determine if applicable standards […]

State Police warn against IRS scams

The Michigan State Police are warning the public of a telephone scam targeting taxpayers nationwide. Scammers are using fake names and IRS badge numbers to intimidate and influence victims into wiring money to pay off IRS debts. Threats of audit, arrest, suspension of a business license or even deportation are made by the caller if […]

Letter to the Editor

For someone never at a loss for words, the complete surprise when an announcement was made at the Chamber Annual Meeting left me like a bubbling idiot.  Here’s what I wish I had said: I feel it is I who should be giving an award to the Chamber. They came to MY rescue allowing me to […]

Letter to the editor.

I just read your article on 4 new public safety officers.  I was pleased to read that we are saving ourselves money while providing better service because of the leadership we have in Rockford.  If it wasn’t for your paper, I wouldn’t even know the things that we are doing as a city.  After reading […]

Governor signs Main Street Fairness bills

Fairness Bills Retail Group-2

Michigan will begin to level the retail playing field this fall when certain out-of-state merchants, including online giant Amazon, are required to collect sales tax just as the state’s retailers do. Governor Rick Snyder signed Michigan Retailers Association’s Main Street Fairness legislation into law on January 15, capping MRA’s long battle to close a tax […]