Planning Commission approves community building for complex

Subsidized apartments earned safety award last year By BETH ALTENA Despite much discussion about parking, Rockford’s Planning Commission approved plans to build a community building at Hillview Townhomes Thursday, October 25. The apartment complex, located on the north side of Division Street east of the intersection of Wolverine Boulevard, is zoned R-3 high density residential […]

An open letter from the Rockford Economic Development Corporation (EDC)

The members of the Rockford Economic Development Corporation signed a letter in protest of attacks on businesses in Rockford by a small group of citizens. Pictured are Dr. Michael Shibler, Linda Southwick, Dave Rasmussen, Neil Blakeslee, EDC Chairman, Rodd Blakeslee, Floyd Havemeier,and Jerry Coon. Not pictured are Michael Young and Robert Winegar. All signed the letter.

October 26, 2012 This letter is to inform Rockford residents of an area of concern and to encourage active support of the business community and city government. The Rockford Economic Development Corporation (EDC) was formed in 1981, under Public Act 338, with the stated goal to assist and retain industrial and commercial businesses in our […]

The end of an era – Mary Eadie retires from City Council

Rockford’s Mary Eadie and her right-hand 
guy, husband Jim, with but a few of the many awards, tributes, and mementoes of her decades long tenure on Rockford City Council. Photo by Cliff Hill

A life of public service full of firsts by CLIFF AND NANCY HILL To everything there is a season, there’s a right time for everything. For Rockford’s Mary Eadie that time was in making the decision not to run for re-election this year for her incumbent seat on the Rockford City Council. Motivated, in part, […]

Rockford Education Foundation hits $1 million in funding

Fourth graders at Parkside Elementary will benefit from new technology requested by their teacher, Gail Falcinelli.  Gail received a $2,395.00 grant from the REF.

The Rockford Education Foundation (REF) grants awarded recently were one in a million. The REF funded 45 grants totaling $32,998.63 putting the total dollar amount the foundation has funded over one million dollars. This fall, grants were awarded across the community. In the Rockford Public Schools, the elementary schools, the middle schools, and the high […]

Firefighters take on explosive situation in propane training

Forty-four firefighters and first responders took an evening to 
learn and practice techniques to best control and subdue a propane emergency. The practices included flames reaching 60 feet in the air and close proximity to extremely hot flames. Photo by BETH ALTENA

‘Catastrophic’ situations covered by BETH ALTENA Rockford Fire Marshal Mike Reus said he would guess a recent explosion that blew a trailer home apart likely involved a propane fire and that cases where even stick-built homes are literally destroyed in an explosion are also likely caused by a propane leak that becomes ignited. Area firefighters […]