Hawley runs for State House seat


Bruce Hawley, a candidate for State Representative in the 73rd District, is a lifelong resident of northern Kent County. Hawley and his wife Jean have four daughters and six grandchildren. He is a retired business manager of Ironworkers. As an active 50-year member of Holy Family Church in Sparta, 30-year president of Tri-City Little League, […]

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Main Street by Roger Allen, publisher—July 1, 2010

  Best hope   Efforts to fix the “Spill” have been disappointing. We are all pinning our hopes on the relief well designed to plug the old well. It’s still over a month away. But what if that doesn’t work? Nothing else has. It could mean the end of BP as a very major international […]

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The Tax Attic with Jerry Coon — July 1, 2010

Some deductions not legitimate In today’s tax environment, where it behooves everyone to take advantage of all legitimate deductions, from time to time a program will be developed by a promoter that will look legitimate but really steps over the edge into the illegitimate. None of us has an obligation to pay more than our […]

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Birthdays, July 3-9, 2010

3rd Maggie Chipman, Kristine Stotz, Henery VandenHeuvel 4th Louise Danielski 5th Bob Boyer, Florence Butts, David Klinger, Pattie Lachniet 6th Larry Cunningham, Doug Havemeier  7th Joan Burgess, Karen Kalemba, Mariah Main, JoAnne Martin, Ben Peterson. Barb Stein  8th Bernie Cavner, R. Graham Greenland, Olive Lawton, Judy Peters  9th Lonnie Herrington, Terry Kalemba, Mary Lou Preston, Lorna Smith

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Jeanine C. Herlacher only woman in representative race


“Through my work as a Realtor in the community for the last decade, I have PAID ATTENTION to what is on the minds of people in our community,” said Jeanine Herlacher, running for state representtive for Tom Pearce’s office. “They call me when their house is about to go into foreclosure. They call me when […]

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