Comcast Cares Day lends a hand to the Friends of the White Pine Trail

Posing for a group photo are a sea of blue clad Comcast volunteers ready to invade  the Fred Meijer White Pine Trail. Pictured in the front row beginning third from left: Cannon Township Supervisor Pete McGregor, Mary Beth Halprin Comcast V.P. of Public Relations and Community Affairs, the jauntily attired Michigan State Senator Mark Jansen, and Sheepdog himself, Dave Heyboer Chairman of the Friends of the White Pine Trail. 

By CLIFF AND NANCY HILL Last Thursday communities, businesses, and non-profit organizations around the world observed the 40th annual Earth Day Celebration. Every year Earth Day is celebrated on April 22 and is designed to raise awareness and appreciation of the environment. Locally, in a match made in heaven, the Friends of the White Pine […]

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Imaginations fly at Valley View


Valley View fifth grade science students took advantage of windy and warm spring weather to construct and fly kites as part of a science unit entitled, Forces and Motion. Pictured with an original designed box kite are Autumn Flachs, Jacob Nawrocki, Gage Blick, and Jonathan Walston.Valley View fifth grade science students took advantage of windy […]

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Main Street by Roger Allen, publisher

Problem solving?—We hope Congress finally got through the health insurance issue; now it’s regulation of the financial industry. Can you believe what some of those guys did?—selling bad mortgages likely to default, and then making big bucks by betting they WILL default? It was SO easy for regular people to get mortgages they really couldn’t […]

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The Tax Attic with Jerry Coon—April 29, 2010

Make retirement income last There sure is a lot of concern and discussion these days about making retirement income and retirement assets last through all of a retiree’s retirement. A married couple at the age of 65 today can be expected to have one of the two reach the age of 92. With any luck […]

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Birthdays — May 1–7

1st Danielle Albrecht, Joan Bunn, Julie Palmer 2nd Danielle Brinks, David Laux, Jonathan Palmer, Sara Williams, Ed Wolven 3rd Beverly Meester, Timothy R. Poddig 4th Marilyn Palmer, Mary Jo Tidey, Wendy Wagner, Jerry Ziomkowski 5th Millie Robertson, Marty Willison, Ralph Zielke 6th Mary Johnson 7th Jerry Elder, Bev Fisher, Alex Meester, Les Trendt

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