Education Blackboard — February 25, 2010

SCHOOL BEAT RPS to utilize SchoolMessenger, another form of communication by DOUG  VANDERJAGT, Principal Rockford Freshman Center Starting in March, Rockford Public Schools (RPS) has signed on with SchoolMessenger, a California-based company that provides notification services for emergency broadcasts, parental outreach and student attendance communications for K-12 education. The system is programmed to call the […]

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What’s Cookin’ — February 25, 2010

Pineapple Epiphany by JEANNE BRIGGS You will not believe what an experience I had in a small store with a jar of pineapple chunks in a spicy syrup. That really got me thinking about what I could do with pineapple, and voila… here’s the result. First of all, it’s not a pine or an apple, […]

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Main Street by Roger Allen, publisher — February 18, 2010

  Pandering Grief reigns at the National Zoo. Tai Shah, the cute panda born there almost five years ago, has been repossessed by China. Only about a dozen giant pandas live in U.S. zoos, but China has a bunch of them. Did anyone think of offering to swap the Chinese government a couple of buffalos? […]

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Splash a record-breaker on all counts

Couples winners Jenny Frasco and Jody Jernigan with “All That Jazz.”

The skit with the granny who tottered—walker and all—into the Rogue only to be rescued by the Rockford Fire Department stole the show and the first place group win in this year’s Sweetheart Splash. They knocked Rockford Quick Lube out of the winner’s circle despite their elaborate circus skit.   Seventy-nine jumpers in all went […]

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Mysterious Rockford stone figure identified

Matt Lenkiewicz presents contest winner Leta Halloway with a $50 gift certificate to the fine Rockford eatery.

by CLIFF AND NANCY HILL Many readers submitted entries in The Rockford Squire newspaper’s February 4 contest that asked for the correct identification of a pictured stone figure. Of the many entries received by the paper, 13 very intelligent and industrious people correctly identified the stone figure. Not only did they identify the figure, they […]

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