Sky’s the limit for Rockford grad

Rockford High School graduate, Ginger Zuidgeest, visits WOOD TV’s “eightWest.”   photo by CLIFF HILL

by CLIFF AND NANCY HILL When Ginger Zuidgeest graduated from Rockford High School (RHS) in 1999, she stated in her high school yearbook she wanted to make it on NBC’s “Today” show by age 30. On Saturday, Feb. 27 of this year that dream came true for meteorologist Ginger Zee (as she is now known). […]

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Batting coach: ‘I teach confidence’

TAKE YOUR GAME TO THE NEXT LEVEL—Bob Simonson offers more that just mechanical improvement to any player's game, he also helps build the attitude that players need to succeed. He opened his training facility in Rockford this March.

Bob Simonson believes he can get your kid off the bench. The former pro ball player opened PowerBall Baseball and Softball Training Center in March at 8181 Graphic Drive (US 131 and Ten Mile). With a lifetime of experience in the field and behind the diamond, Simonson can improve the hitting and pitching skills of […]

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Main Street by Roger Allen, publisher — April 1, 2010

This week it’s funny! …Funnier than last week’s column, anyway. Last week I muttered about my failed kidneys and Humana Health Insurance. I sputtered about the way Humana cancelled my policy retroactively to Jan. 1 when I started dialysis. Those aggravating things haven’t gone away, but this week’s paper is our April Fool’s Day issue […]

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Birthdays — April 3-9

3rd Loretta Berg, Mary Dodds, Seth Hodges, Peyton James, Hannah Oostdyk-Howard 4th Walter Baranowski, Vic Palmer, Shirley Sherwood 5th Sandy Dryer, Jean Moore 6th Emily Blakeslee, Jenna Fowle, Tom Fusee, Robert Gulliver, Sharon Havemeier 7th Charlie Mawby, Marianne Montgomery, Mindy Peterson, Margie Woods 8th Charles Breihof, Todd Des Noyers, Thelma Golaher, Rich Hull 9th Nathan Harr, Ben Kogelschatz, Graham TenBrink, Bruce Ward

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The Tax Attic with Jerry Coon — April 1, 2010

Big government is expensive Let’s talk about tax rates this week. According to the Tax Foundation, a nonprofit organization that studies such things as tax rates, taking into account all of our phase-outs, deductions and credits, the highest tax rate any United States individual could pay today would be 39.76%. That puts us at number […]

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