73rd District State Representative

73rd District Representative Peter MacGregor

November 10, 2011 // 0 Comments

MacGregor proclaims recent Bloomberg report as positive news for Michigan’s recovery Michigan ranked second on national economic report State Rep. Peter MacGregor recently hailed a new report that shows Michigan has the second-best economic record in the nation. The Bloomberg Economic Evaluation of the States report recently placed Michigan’s recovery second only to North Dakota in terms of economic health, based on the criteria of tax collections, personal income, employment, home prices, mortgage foreclosures and the stock prices of public companies. “We have been working hard to revitalize our economy and show the country that Michigan is open for business, and this rating shows this work is paying off,” said MacGregor, R-Rockford. “Michigan is coming up in the rankings, which is incredibly encouraging since many of the significant job creation initiatives don’t even go into effect until next year.” MacGregor said Michigan must continue to implement reforms to help the economy flourish and job creation to continue. “This is great news for our state and the reform is far from over—meaning more positive news is coming for Michigan,” MacGregor said.  

73rd District Representative Peter MacGregor

June 2, 2011 // 0 Comments

MacGregor votes on sound, balanced budget four months ahead of schedule Just five months into the 96th Legislature, Michigan legislators delivered a properly balanced budget to Gov. Snyder based on real numbers. State Rep. Peter MacGregor voted in favor of the historic budget, which includes the $1.1 billion in spending reductions needed to get Michigan on solid financial footing. “We have done one of the things we came here to do: balance a sound budget with efficiencies, outcomes, best practices, debt reduction with no gimmicks—four months ahead of schedule,” said MacGregor, R-Rockford. “For the first time in decades, the budget has been determined in enough time for those relying on funding to plan ahead for the upcoming year, with our schools only having to see a 1.4% reduction.” The fiscal year 2012 budget minimizes school funding reductions, encourages local governments and schools districts to become more efficient, and gives municipalities, schools and universities ample time to balance their own budgets. House Bills 4325 and 4526, which encompass the state budget, was approved by the state House and will now be sent to the governor for his consideration. Highlights include: • The K-12 budget reduction is effectively reduced to less than $100 per pupil this year for schools that implement best practices. It represents a 1.4 percent decrease in funding; • A total of $256 million will be put into a rainy day fund to allow the state to plan for the years ahead with an assurance of further stability; • An additional $30 million on top of the already-agreed amount—$15 million to counties and $15 million to cities, townships and villages—will help struggling local governments meet their financial obligations; and • The budget moves Michigan closer to regaining AAA bond rating status. Getting back to AAA status means the state will save millions of dollars on interest in borrowing costs.  

Letter to the Editor — September 30, 2010

September 30, 2010 // 0 Comments

“When the foundations are being destroyed, Where do we turn?”  “Are the foundations really being destroyed?” Nationally, I believe this is the case, but it certainly is true here in Michigan. Between 2000 and 2010, Michigan has lost over 900,000 manufacturing jobs, creating a domino effect of lost jobs in almost every other employment sector. In that same time period, the state’s population has dropped by over one million, home values have decreased, and our children are leaving the state in droves. State government has been dramatically impacted—revenue to fund education, public safety, transportation, health and welfare services, and other programs cannot keep up with the demand. It appears society has pit its hope and trust in the wrong place. We’ve mistakenly turned to government to find solutions. Our annual federal deficit spending is unsustainable, and yearly, just to maintain Michigan’s current services, our annual budget requires an additional $1.5 billion to $2 billion. So why not just raise taxes to meet the increased demand? We tried that in 2007 and in less than two years, our budget was unsustainable again. If we continue to expect government intervention in all aspects of life, then we doom our government to failure. So, “where do we turn?” I believe the crafters of our Pledge of Allegiance were right when they stated, “When the foundations are being destroyed” is the Bible. I believe scripture reminds us again and again of two things in times of trouble: the most important place to turn is to our Creator and His word, and that God teaches personal responsibility in all aspects of life including meeting the needs of others. Personal responsibility over the past few decades has been whittled away by a well-intended government. I believe it is important that government provide a safety net for its citizens, but we as individuals must take greater responsibility for our (in)actions and utilize our God-given talents to take control of our circumstances. With the abundance of rules, regulations and fees in place, government has made it almost impossible for the citizens of this great nation and state who have a good idea to bring it to fruition. I believe government needs to get out of the way of average citizens trying to take care […]

Nine candidates speak before voters

July 1, 2010 // 0 Comments

Republicans will soon have to decide who will earn their votes for State Representative in the 73rd District. The seat is currently held by Rockford’s Tom Pearce, who is term-limited out. The nine Republican candidates for the seat spoke at a forum by the Rockford Chamber of Commerce held at Boulder Creek Golf Club. Pictured are: Bob Becker, Bruce Hawley, Jeanine Herlacher, Paul Hibbard, Steve Jazwiec, Peter MacGregor, Tim Nelson, Tom Norton and Dennis Smith.

Hawley runs for State House seat

July 1, 2010 // 0 Comments

Bruce Hawley, a candidate for State Representative in the 73rd District, is a lifelong resident of northern Kent County. Hawley and his wife Jean have four daughters and six grandchildren. He is a retired business manager of Ironworkers. As an active 50-year member of Holy Family Church in Sparta, 30-year president of Tri-City Little League, and board member of Kent City Schools and Tradewinds Credit Union, his community involvement and leadership has uniquely prepared him for public service. Hawley’s focus in Lansing will be helping businesses create jobs through lower taxes and less regulation, support agriculture and farmland preservation, and promote utilization of our natural resources to help stimulate our economy. His commitment to safe communities has garnered the endorsements of the Michigan Association of Police Officers and Fire Fighters. He’s a strong supporter of education and his plan to fix the structural deficit in the school aid fund is supported by Dr. Michael Shibler, respected superintendent of Rockford Public Schools. For more information about his candidacy, visit www.electbrucehawley.org.

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