73rd District State Representative

Jeanine C. Herlacher only woman in representative race

July 1, 2010 // 0 Comments

“Through my work as a Realtor in the community for the last decade, I have PAID ATTENTION to what is on the minds of people in our community,” said Jeanine Herlacher, running for state representtive for Tom Pearce’s office. “They call me when their house is about to go into foreclosure. They call me when they have lost an income and need to sell on a short sale. They call me, crying with an emergency need for a place to live. You know, when my clients aren’t sleeping at night with worry, neither am I.” Herlacher said that is why she is running for this office. “That is why I want to represent our 73rd district community in Lansing. As a local independent contractor Realtor and Associate Broker for the last decade, I’ve literally been on nearly every street in this huge district! I understand this community from the inside of people’s homes—where they live—and they expect me to be able to help. The way things are now, I know that running for this office is the right thing to do, because it’s the best way I can really help make things better for all of our neighbors, family, and friends.” “I believe that Michigan can and will once again become an economic leader in our nation, rather than pursuing our current rating at the bottom of the 50 states.” Herlacher pointed out that unemployment in our state continues to be about 14 percent, the worst in the nation. However, unemployment is the result of an economic illness that can be healed! She believes the following has contributed to the problems our stateis having: MBT (an excessive Michigan business tax) is killing business and therefore killing jobs. The surcharge has to go, and the tax on gross receipts needs to be cut  by about half. Over-taxation and new fees on the average citizen consume local discretionary dollars which could be spent in local businesses, therefore costing jobs and keeping job providers away from our state. Government take-over of our lives costs jobs and hurts our economy. We need less intrusive legislation from Lansing and more emphasis on out-of-control spending and the crisis of our schools!    “As a Realtor and Associate Broker, I have a long history of business experience.  I also have attained a Business degree with honors […]

Dennis Smith joins race for 73rd District state representative

June 17, 2010 // 0 Comments

“The past several years have been some of the toughest in our state’s history. People tell me they want fresh bold thinking and a return to the conservative principles of less government, less taxes, a stable economy, and jobs growth,” says Dennis Smith of Cannon Township, who has joined the race to become the 73rd District’s next state representative. “I’ve been knocking on a lot of doors in the district in recent weeks,” says Smith, “and people have repeatedly lamented that neither Lansing nor Washington seems capable of fixing the problems.” Smith, a strong pro-life, pro-family, conservative, says his other core principles of smaller government, controlling spending, lower taxes and encouraging personal responsibility have resonated well with the voters in his district. “I’ve been both an employee and a business owner,” says Smith, a 25-year Steelcase employee who was retired last year. During that same period, Smith was the founder and owner of a statewide service organization, Information Network for Christian Homes (INCH). As an outspoken advocate for parental choice in education, Smith believes parents are the best determiners of what educational method best suits their children. Smith supports public, charter, private and home education. Because of his firm belief in fiscal responsibility, INCH was operated for the entire 25 years within budget, at a profit, and without ever incurring any debt. Of his business acumen, Steven Turows of West Michigan Accounting Services says, “I have been the accountant for Dennis Smith and INCH for over 20 years. During that period of time, I have found Dennis to be honest and ethical in his business dealings, and a great steward of his company’s financial affairs. In my opinion, Dennis Smith is exactly the type of representative this state needs to steer us into the future.” “I believe it was my work as executive director of INCH,” says Smith, “that best prepared me for the position of state representative. Not only did I gain a strong knowledge of sound business principles, but I was also continuously involved with the legislature during those years working to pass or defeat many bills, and working closely with many legislators. To my knowledge, I am the only candidate for the 73rd District that has any working knowledge of the legislative […]

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