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Sharing shop offers double reason to visit 25 Squires Street

October 29, 2009 // 0 Comments

Accessories Ltd. buddies up with Merle Norman She’s back, and she’s not alone. Shoppers may remember Sharon Serschen, former Rockford retailer who sold her business and left town four years ago. On October 10, 2009, she opened doors again in her newest store—the sixth for this die-hard boutique owner—but this time she isn’t going it alone. Serschen has teamed up with Wendy Barnes of Merle Norman, who herself just made a move from her most recent location on Courtland Street to 25 Squires Street. Serschen is offering jewelry, handbags and other clothing accessories from the location with her new business, Accessories Ltd. “We’ve really been talking about it for years,” Barnes said of the joint operation. “It happened like God planned it.” She believes the Merle Norman concept of personal attention and “try before you buy” will fit in with Serschen’s boutique. The two friends from Serschen’s years in Rockford look forward to sharing the space along the White Pine Trail and near many other retailers. Serschen said she is “either smart or dumb,” opening another store, but said she isn’t ready to retire and watch television. “I want to die on my feet,” she stated. “I also really enjoy the customer contact. I’ve really missed that.” Serschen took four years off, leaving Rockford for Traverse City to spend time with an aunt with health problems. “Now she is back in Florida and I’m back in Rockford.” Serschen said she will not miss Traverse City and hates that it snows every day up there. She also said the town is much more seasonal, which is harder for boutique owners who have to pay rent all year around. Rockford, in her opinion, is not seasonal at all, and the location couldn’t be more prime. She said she chooses her inventory based on what she likes. “I have very good taste,” she remarked. Free gift-wrapping was one of the customer service perks she offered before and plans to continue that at Accessories Ltd. Going into business for yourself is always a risk, but Serschen believes she is prepared for success. “People have the misconception that you start making money right away,” she said. “It can be four or five years and you still aren’t making money.” With a […]