American bald eagle

Eagle fans asked to honor signs

June 4, 2009 // 0 Comments

Township officials appreciate the opportunity for the public to admire a nesting pair of American bald eagles in our midst (Squire article in May 22 issue), but warn that visitors must obey no parking signs or they will be ticketed or banned from looking altogether. After the Squire published the location of the nest on 12 Mile Road in Oakfield Township, Supervisor Greg Dean said hundreds have visited to admire the birds, but unfortunately are not honoring the no parking signs at the site.   Dean said 30 to 40 people at a time have been on the location and have caused traffic hazards as well as damage to the embankment. Six no parking signs have been posted and to either the east or west of the signs there is more shoulder and safe parking. Kent County Sheriffs who see drivers parked between the signs will issue traffic tickets and if the public still chooses to park illegally while enjoying the eagles, Dean may issue a no parking, no standing order. If this happens no one will be able to enjoy this breathtaking experience. “We hope the public will cooperate,” Dean said. “I went out and spent a few hours watching them and taking pictures, but we can’t have a safety issue.”   Dean said eagles usually use a nest for four or five years before it begins to deteriorate. Our community can enjoy this sight for several more years if people park safely, or miss out on this opportunity by choosing to ignore posted signs and imperil themselves and other drivers.  Many thanks to our readers who have sent pictures in to share with those of us who can’t make it out to see the eagles and nest.

Bald Eagles Nesting

May 28, 2009 // 0 Comments

Reader Bob Mackie sent in this beautiful shot of the American bald eagles nesting in Rockford. Several other readers have sent in wonderful pictures, but we don’t have room here to print them all. Visit online at to see other reader photos. Share your pictures with Rockford by emailing   Reader Michele Longfield sent in this shot of the American bald eagle nesting in Rockford. This photo was taken on Saturday, May 22, on 12 Mile.