Andy Havemeier

Coffee Ranch roasts up a storm

December 30, 2010 // 0 Comments

by CLIFF AND NANCY HILL  With Rockford-area businesses reporting strong sales during the Christmas shopping season, one local business stands out. Herman’s Boy is pleased to report yet another year of successive year-over-year increases. Boasting “one location worldwide,” Herman’s Boy is a distinctive destination in Rockford. One segment of the flourishing business is The Coffee Ranch that roasts and blends premium gourmet coffee. Established in 1901, the craft roaster is the oldest specialty roaster in the Midwest. Leading up to Christmas Day, the staff at Herman’s Boy worked 29 days in a row without a day off. During that period, the two beautiful stainless steel and enameled metal coffee roasters in the store’s roasting room hardly had time to cool off between batches. Who doesn’t love coffee? It is the beverage of choice at Christmas gatherings as well as a great gift item during the holiday season. Depending on the direction of the wind, we here in Rockford have the added plus of breathing the intoxicating aroma of coffee beans being freshly roasted on a daily basis. “Our two coffee roasters have roasted up to 800 pounds of coffee on many days leading up to Christmas,” said Andy Havemeier. “During the six days just prior to Christmas, we roasted 4,100 pounds of coffee.” This is all the more amazing when you consider the fact that the roastery only roasts in small batches of no more than 30 pounds of beans. They do this to ensure freshness by striving to only roast that which will be sold within 48 hours. “Pound for pound in retail sales, no one comes close to Herman’s Boy in West Michigan for freshness and quality of product,” added Havemeier. When one thinks of coffee, one thinks of Herman’s Boy. Over the years The Coffee Ranch has become famous for its distinctively blended coffees such as the iconic Pantlind Blend, Red’s Blend, and the Cherie Inn Blend, to name a few of dozens. Not to be forgotten are over 40 flavored coffee selections. Roasting only the finest varietal coffee beans from around the world, Herman’s Boy air-cools rather than water-cools their roasted beans. Thus, when you order a pound of coffee at The Coffee Ranch, you get a full pound measure of […]