Antlered Doe-Bucks

Antlered doe-bucks could be bro-sters

November 24, 2010 // 0 Comments

‘It didn’t have the [male parts] but it had the other parts’ by Beth Altena The huge rack on the deer Jerry White shot in Cedar Springs on Monday, Nov. 15, opening day of firearm season for whitetail deer in Michigan, was the most impressive White had bagged. The deer was large for a buck, too, but when White rolled the deer over to field dress it, he noticed something was missing. The deer was a rare antlered doe with female anatomy and the huge, 10-point rack was still in full, heavy velvet. “It didn’t have parts it’s supposed to have. It’s very unique,” said White. He shot the deer from about 100 yards out. He had noticed the big animal during bow season and had told his wife about it. White, of Allendale, took the deer on property near the intersection of 18 Mile Road and Harvard Avenue. Charles “Chuck” Navitskas, was also hunting in Cedar Springs on opening day. His son shot a doe, which started to run, and while it crashed by an antlered deer also ran, giving Navitskas just a moment to take his shot. His deer fell immediately, and when father and son went to field dress their pair of animals, Navitskas’ son noticed something odd about the six-point his dad had taken. “It didn’t have the [male parts] but it had the other parts,” Navitskas stated. His deer was not a true antlered doe, but was a deer which was neither fully male nor female, a genetic anomaly. His deer was also in velvet, the soft covering over the antlers which males normally have rubbed off prior to the start of hunting season. Navitskas shot his strange deer between Keller and Tisdale avenues off 18 Mile Road. Both animals were taken to Barb’s Deer Processing in Rockford, where owner Barb Haveman was very surprised, first by the antlered doe, and then doubly by the second genetically unusual deer. “These are the first I’ve seen and I’ve been doing this over 50 years,” Haveman said of the two animals. Haveman stated she has been processing over 50 deer a day at her facility, where 10 people, including her daughter, are hard at work. She calls this year a good season, […]