Anuual Cannon Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunter will win $1,000 in free gasoline

September 8, 2011 // 0 Comments

Cannon Treasure Hunt starts September 20 Legend has it that back in the 1800s, a cannon was hidden in Cannon Township and has never been found to this day. That legend will be recreated in 2011. A custom coin with a cannon stamped on it has been specially designed and minted for the treasure hunt. The coin has been hidden somewhere in Cannon Township. The coin is no more than four feet off the ground and is not on privately owned property. The Cannon Treasure Hunt also has a new Facebook page where you will be able to chat with other hunters, find hunt instructions, see pictures from past hunts, and know exactly when the coin is found! Two clues to the location of the Cannon Coin will be released every Tuesday starting September 20 until the coin is found. Participating businesses will each hand out one new clue per week. People searching for the coin will have to visit at least two businesses to get all of the clues each week. The person who finds the coin will receive $1,000 in free gasoline.  

Puzzle through clues and win $1,000 in free gas

September 10, 2009 // 0 Comments

  Annual treasure hunt begins Tuesday Don’t ask Carl Stites’ wife where the Cannon Coin is. He said she can’t keep a secret and is the last person he’d tell. We should all know how she feels. Each year of the Cannon Area Business Association (CABA) treasure hunt, Carl Stites of Stites Eye Care is the one and only person who knows the location of the solid bronze coin that is worth a cool thousand in free gas. Clues to the hunt will be released beginning next Tuesday at participating businesses. This year those willing to work a little harder will have a better chance of finding the clues. This year Stites is breaking each clue into three parts so treasure hunters will have to visit more than one participating business to piece together hints. “This will be more fun,” Stites said. Clues will also be released each week to the Squire, where readers will find them on the front pge. Stites has already hidden the coin, and said he is “feverishly” working on clues, which he calls a six-month process. The coin is in Cannon Township, is always hidden in a handicapped accessible location and never on private property. It is about three inches around and has a cannon stamped on one side, a symbol of the cannon for which the township is named. The cannon was the town symbol, but after youths fired it off at a fourth of July celebration as a joke and one died, the cannon was hidden by the town fathers and never rediscovered, despite years of search. Now people search for the coin, and the first one to find it will receive certificates for $1,000 in free gas from the Cannonsburg Grist Mill and the Topp Stop. “Each year it gets bigger and bigger. There are more people looking,” said Stites, who would not offer an early clud of the coin’s location. “You will have to go to participating businesses and find out for yourself,” he said. The Cannon Township businesses who are taking part this year are ChoiceOne Bank, ChiroHealth, Rockford Self Storage, David P. Fischer, DDS, S&H Greenhouse, Stites Eye Care, Acme Tire and Auto, Rockford Chamber of Commerce, Euro Autowerks, Lakeside Car Company, Jim Rasmus-Allstate […]