April 1 2010

Monorail installed over White Pine Trail

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‘This will generate considerable revenue Michigan needs now’ State planners last September approved installation of an Amtrack monorail over the White Pine Trail, a project that is now open for public use. “This will generate considerable revenue Michigan needs now,” said a state spokesman during the unveiling ceremony held Thursday, April 1. Friends of the White Pine Trail opposed the project, saying that a train capable of traveling at 80 miles an hour over the serene landscape through which the trail passes will be distruptive. “We enjoy the natural aspect of the trail and hikers and bicyclists won’t enjoy the loud noise and exhaust when the train goes over,” said Mick Mosh, director of the Athletic Supporters of the White Pine Trail. Others consider the monorail a brilliant addition to the trail that will increase visits to Rockford and other communities from Comstock Park to Cadillac. When people walk, they never look up. It was just wasted space that now has a practical use,” said Cliff Hill, who, with wife Nancy, is an avid walker. The cost to ride the monorail depends on where along the trail people board. The Rockford stop, in downtown Rockford at the Prominette, is the most expensive. “You pay for value and there is no doubt rockford is the prettiest town along the 100-mile stretch,” said the Director of the White Pine Trail Monorail Authority. The monorail was installed in 110-foot segments. It was designed to be high enough that tall people can use the trail without bumping into it. The base supports are electrified to discourage graffiti or vandalism. Portions of the work were paid for with federal stimulus grants while part of the funding came from advertising on the train itself. New ads will appear monthly on the exterior of the train body. “Really it is as pretty as the woods and rivers the trail passes by, maybe even more so,” said the Director. “I think it is a beautiful addition. The smell of fumes when the train passes will only make people appreciate clean air more. That’s win-win if I ever saw it.” Each community voted separately to approve their portion of the monorail and the ticket sales income will be split accordingly. Sand Lake voted not […]

Size counts: new law too short

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The American people are incensed about the length of the new health care law. It is much too short, a piker: only about 2,000 pages. This compares unfavorably with the U.S. Income Tax code at 16,000 (or 18,000 or 23,000; depends on who you ask). “Congress just doesn’t care about health care,” said one radio talk show caller. “If they cared, they’d give us more pages to read.” Nonetheless, even the loudest critics admit that a measly 2,000 pages is a long read. At this point, no one has read it all, although some hold out hope that eventually someone will. (No one has ever read the entire U.S. Income Tax code.) The staff of The Squire has been skimming pages of the new law as fast as we can. Just in time for this issue, someone came across the New Health Care Plan Terminology. Here’s a sample and we hope it helps: New Health Care Plan Terminology Barium What you do when CPR fails Benign What you do after you be eight Cesarean Section A district in Rome Colic A sheep dog Dilate To live long Fester Quicker G.I. Series Baseball game between soldiers Hangnail A coat hook Medical staff A doctor’s cane Morbid A higher offer Nitrate Lower than the day rate Node Was aware of Organic A church musician Outpatient A person who has fainted Secretion Hiding stuff Tumor An extra pair Urine Opposite of you’re out Varicose Veins Veins that are very close together

Olympic gold medalist Shaun White visits Rockford

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Were you present last Saturday afternoon when the “Flying Tomato” Shaun White (pictured on the right) visited the business location of MD Cox Enterprises on Courtland Street across from Herman’s Boy? Thousands of people showed up for a chance to photograph or possibly score an autograph of the gold medal winner of the 2010 Winter Olympics snowboard competition. White’s PR person for the day was Rockford’s own gad-about, Jerry (pictured on the left). White is a brand ambassador for Burton snowboards and apparel. MD Cox is a wholesale-only distributor of the entire line of Burton Brand products. Saturday’s appearance by White was in conjunction with their annual end-of-season spring clearance sale, which is the only time their goods are available to the retail public. Bargain hunters were snapping up fashionable and state-of-the-art outdoor winter apparel for as much as 50% off suggested retail price. Free pizza and beverages were available, and everybody had a ball, including White himself, who promised to revisit Rockford in the future.

Chamber of Commerce Bi-Monthly Luncheon Series to present ‘A Slow Come Back is Better Than Nothing’

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The Rockford Chamber of Commerce is again pleased to announce the second installment of its popular Bi-Monthly Luncheon Series for 2010. The luncheon is scheduled from noon to 1:30 p.m. on April 12 at Boulder Creek Golf Club, located at 5750 Brewer Avenue, Belmont. As always, Amy Pollack and her staff look forward to hosting this event and providing an excellent lunch for area business leaders and speaker George A. Erickcek. Erickcek is the senior regional analyst for the W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research. His research focuses on analyzing issues in regional economics, preparing regional forecasts, and evaluating regional public policies. He also writes the Business Outlook for West Michigan, the Institute’s quarterly report which examines the economic conditions in West Michigan. Erickcek received his M.A. in economics from the University of Pittsburgh in 1982. Prior to joining the Institute in 1987, he served as economic analyst for the West Michigan Regional Planning Commission. He has been a presenter at several Grand Rapids area programs including those hosted by The Right Place Inc., The Employers Association, Grand Rapids Lions Club and others. He has strong ties to West Michigan and is very familiar with the economics of our area. Please register by Friday, April 9 by contacting the Chamber office at (616) 866-2000 or e-mail Jeannie at membership@rockfordmichamber.com with your reservation. The luncheons are open to everyone, so Chamber members are encouraged to invite a friend. Cost is $15 for Chamber members and $20 for non-Chamber members. Please note that if you are unable to attend the luncheon and have registered, it is necessary to contact the Chamber office prior to the luncheon to avoid being charged. This is a great networking event so please make sure that you bring a lot of business cards.

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