April 19 2012

Rockford TV studio claims state title no. 5

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As soon as Anna Dood, student executive producer of Rockford High School’s (RHS) school news, approached the podium in her TV production class, you could tell she had a big announcement. All eyes were on her, as she let the class know results were in. The Michigan Association of Broadcasters (MAB) had released the outcome of their yearly prestigious competition, and you couldn’t help but know good news was coming. One category at a time, Dood read results to the class, and the atmosphere quickly switched from silent anticipation to ear-clanging cheers. Finally, after all individual results were read, the class was waiting for the biggest announcement of them all: the state title. With great willpower, Dood held strong to the end, finally uttering those desired words, “We won MAB station of the year!” Loud applause, laughter and pounding on tables forested the advanced team that worked so hard to reach their goal. From the outset, this special team of students and their instructors had one major goal in mind for the year: to reclaim the title. The last victory for these video-loving Rams was in 2008. Since that year, Davison had claimed the crown three years in a row. “We watched their videos like game footage,” commented instructor Kris DeYoung. “We knew we had great competition, but this group wanted it bad, so bad they were even willing to meet in the summer to begin preparing. At one point I had students offering to find a babysitter for my daughter so they could come in on Sunday to work. Now that is dedication, and also pretty funny.” Alex Schaap, senior leader of the team, could feel the desire for the title from the get-go. “Mr. DeYoung and Mr. Springer got our whole class so fired up about this competition. Their passion for it was contagious. We really liked our ideas, and it was really exciting to see them succeed.” For Dood, it wasn’t just about the accolades, but her passion for the craft. “I worked hard because this is what I love to do and I want to be proud of my work, regardless of a prize or trophy.” With DeYoung’s first full year at the helm of the program, he was partially taunted […]

West side Rockford riverside trail nears completion

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by CLIFF AND NANCY HILL Over 20 years ago Rockford City planners envisioned a pathway that would provide a beautiful and safe walkable trail (for children and families) along the west side of the Rogue River. In conception it was planned to begin at the City’s southern boundary and end at its northern border. More importantly, it was meant to provide a pedestrian pathway connecting the City neighborhoods on the west side of the river, one to another, and also to the heart of Rockford’s downtown. Construction has begun in recent weeks on Phase III (the final phase) of the trail that is known today as the Rogue River Nature Trail. It is anticipated that construction will be completed in early May of this year with a dedication ceremony planned during Rockford’s Start of Summer Celebration. “What began with land acquisition, as the west side of the river developed, now culminates with the construction of this third phase of the overall trail project,” said City Manager Michael Young. “All three phases have been funded by successful Natural Resource Trust Fund (NRTF) Grants totaling over $500,000,” adds a proud Young who personally masterminded the grant applications. Squire readers will recall that Phase II of the project, completed in 2008, was constructed as a riverside boardwalk with railings and lookouts. This beautiful elevated segment was so well received that in 2009 it was awarded the “Project of the Year Award – Structures” for projects less than $5 million by the American Public Works Association. In 2010 Rockford was awarded $98,000 by the NRTF with required local matching monies of $27,000. Combined, the $125,000 allowed the City to complete the third and final phase. Constructed as a grade-level boardwalk, the 800 linear ft. pathway will include an overlook platform extending over the river’s surface. Contractor Dave Bultsma of Bultsma Construction Co. tells us, “Things look good to have construction of Phase III wrapped up by May 10.” Along with sons Justin and Cody, and other company employees, Bultsma is proud to have had his company chosen to play a role in the construction of this beautiful award-winning nature trail. If you haven’t already taken advantage of this wonderful quality-of-life amenity offered by the City of Rockford, plan to […]

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