April 21 2011

THE TAX ATTIC with Jerry Coon, April 21, 2011

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Filing an extension? Most everyone has a favorite day of the year. To deer hunters, it’s either October 1, the opening day of bow season, or November 15, the opening day of gun season. To many trout fishermen, the last Saturday of April is almost a national holiday. To baseball fans, it’s opening day for the Tigers at Comerica Park. To NASCAR fans, it’s the green flag dropping on the Daytona 500 in February. To golfers, it’s the Masters Golf Tournament in April. There has to be some students somewhere who really like the first day of school in September. Christmas Eve is a favorite of many. Come to think of it, I like all of those days. Well, maybe the first day of school was not so high on my list, but I enjoy all of the others. However, my personal favorite day of the year is the day after the end of the tax season. The last day of the tax season is my second most favorite day because it’s the day before my favorite day. Tax professionals all across the land were preparing to sleep in on Tuesday morning for the first time in three months. I know two area tax professionals who are in warmer climates even as I write this article. I’m sure my wife, Deb, has a nice list of items for me to get started on. I wonder how many of those I can start on this coming weekend instead of on my favorite day of the entire year. President Obama signed into law a significant piece of legislation on Thursday, April 14. The provision of the Health Care Reform Act (HCRA) that was going to force business taxpayers to send in 1099 forms to anyone and everyone to whom they paid $600 was repealed, as if it did not exist. It was simply stricken from the law. This provision was going to take effect for payments made as of January 1, 2012. It was going to result in business taxpayers sending in 32,000,000 Form 1099s above the projected 2011 figures. At least twice the law to repeal had been passed through the House but did not make it through the Senate. Even if it had made it […]

BIRTHDAYS — April 23–29

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24th Roma Appall, Cheryl Delano, Randy Haveman, Justine Hernandez, Fred Laage, Ginny Mikita 25th Alicia Bowman, Jenny Carlen, Dan Nash 26th Jennifer Caylen, J. TenHave-Chapman, Sheryl Wilson 27th Jamie Hay, Carolyn Macready, Caroline Tyler, Mallorie Joe Webber 28th Mindy Peterson, John Smedes, Patricia Thome 29th Theresa Brown, Angie Dingman, Tami Hjelm, Barbara Markus, Emery Polasek Jr., Christy Sharpe, Angie Stotz    


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De Regnaucourt Tim De Regnaucourt of Rockford passed away on Thursday evening April 7, 2011, at Spectrum Health Butterworth Hospital as a result of injuries sustained in an accidental fall in his home last week. His parents, Otto and Anne (Kish) and his twin sisters Pam and Gail were there to greet him and help him start his new life. Tim was born in Cleveland, Ohio, on March 24, 1942. His family moved to Rockford when Tim and his five siblings were children. They lived in the beautiful old farm on Belding Road across from Grass Lake, now known as Lake Bella Vista. Tim was in the class of 1960 at Rockford High School and went on to graduate from Western Michigan University with a business degree. He was a State Farm Insurance Agent for 46 years and made many friends from his years in business. Tim loved the game of golf and played with a group of buddies several times a week. He was an accomplished horseman and taught the art of riding to his children. He always loved the smell of a horse barn! He will be forever loved and missed by his wife, Jacquelyn; his three children from his first marriage, Todd De Regnaucourt of Florida, Becky (Bill) Veltema of Hudsonville, and Robert “Timmy“(Gen) DeRegnaucourt of Georgia. He also had two stepdaughters he helped raise, Rebekah (Dan) Brodowski of Rockford, and Anne (Judd) Meyer of Byron Center. His remaining siblings, Jane (Phil) Boettjer, residing in Florida, Judy (Fred) Freathy of Texas, and Jeff (Debbie) De Regnaucourt of Rockford will miss Tim but will have so many memories of their childhood together and the laughs and good times spent with him in his adulthood. Tim also leaves a brother-in-law, Steve (Lois) Suchowolec, who was married to Tim’s sister Pam before her passing. He also has two sisters-in-law, Nancy (David) Schmidt from South Carolina and Sharon Seys of Grand Rapids, who will miss his jokes and hospitality at our Christmas and summer gatherings. Tim and Jacque have 11 grandchildren and they will miss sitting on Grandpa’s lap, “driving” the boat, learning how to mow the lawn with the proper mix of oil and gas in the mower, how to fish, and snuggle up on […]


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Thursday, April 21 Cedar Springs Community Night—6 to 9 p.m. at Cedar Springs High School. This social event celebrates spring and honors all the local hard-working, participating businesses, agencies, organizations and schools. General public admission is free. Free cake and ink pens will be given out while they last. For more information, contact Isabelle at (616) 696-9543 or e-mail izzyb9@charter.net. Saturday, April 23 A Day to Remember —12 noon to 7 p.m. at the Rockford American Legion, 330 Rockford Park Dr., Rockford, presented by The Heaven is My Home Radio and TV Network. Free family buffet, 50/50, white elephant sale, live bands, free face painting, it’s all free. For more information call (616) 263-9494. Monday, April 25 Grand Rapids Audubon Club Meeting—7 p.m. at the Grand Rapids Theological Seminary Auditorium at Cornerstone University, 3000 Leonard NE, Grand Rapids. Wildlife photographer Maria Bajema will present “Big Bend National Park,” with a focus on birds, plants and scenery. She is a member of the club and is a Calvin College alumna. Guests welcome to attend this free program. For more information, visit www.glsga.org/grac or call Bea at (616) 676-2446. Tuesday, April 26 Rockford Garden Club Meeting—7 p.m. at Rockford United Methodist Church, in the community room, 159 Maple St., Rockford. Advanced master gardener Nancy Hoovler will explain how to identify plant problems, dry plant specimen examples, and suggest accurate corrective solutions. Free and open to the public. Light refreshments will be served. For more information, visit www.rockfordgardenclub.htmlplanet.com/index_1.html or call Karen Chickering at (616) 874-0186. High School Honor Orchestra Festival Concert—7 p.m. in the Covenant Fine Arts Center at Calvin College, 3201 Burton SE, Grand Rapids, presented by the music department. Free and open to the public. For more information, visit www.calvin.edu/academic/music/calendar. Country Music—9:30 to 11:30 a.m. every Tuesday at Rockford Ambulance Community Center, corner of 10 Mile Road and Shaner Avenue in Rockford. Music by the Rogue River Band. Enjoy free coffee, tea and snacks. Thursday, April 28 Rockford Lions Club Meeting—p.m. social, 6:30 dinner and 7 p.m. meeting at the Community Cabin, 220 N. Monroe St., Rockford. Meetings held every second and fourth Thursday of each month. Thur.–Sat. April 28–30 Used Book Sale—Thursday 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., Friday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., and Saturday 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at […]

A Message for You

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Totally awesome! by REV. HELEN H. COLLINS North Kent Presbyterian Church In “Growing Deep in the Christian Life,” pastor and author Chuck Swindoll tells about a Sunday school kindergarten teacher who was trying to determine how much religious training her new students had. She found one five-year-old boy who knew absolutely nothing about the story of Jesus. She began by relating to him the death of Jesus on the cross. When he asked her what a cross was, she picked up some sticks and, fashioning a crude cross, she told him that Jesus had been nailed to a cross and had died. The little boy, with eyes downcast, quietly said, “Oh, that’s too bad!” But then the teacher quickly related that Christ rose again and came back to life. Hearing that, the little boy’s eyes got as big as saucers. His face lit up, and he exclaimed, “Totally awesome!” That’s what we celebrate this Sunday, April 24. Before that first Easter Day, people believed they had to do a lot of things to earn God’s love. They had a lot of laws they had to obey, and if they failed to keep every bit of the Law, they were required to make a sacrifice: grain or a small animal for a small mistake, a lamb or bull for a big sin. The sacrifice would put them right with God, until the next time they messed up. Then they would have to prepare another sacrifice, and so the cycle continued. No one could ever be totally sure they were in God’s good graces. We call the Friday before Easter “Good Friday” because it reminds us that on that day, once, for all, Jesus Christ endured crucifixion and death as the final sacrifice for your sin and mine. With joy we celebrate Easter Sunday, the Day of Resurrection, because Jesus rose from the dead and came back to life. “Totally awesome!” that Jesus took the punishment for all the times you and I break God’s Law of love. “Totally awesome!” that although he experienced death, he is still alive. “Totally awesome!” that God, Creator of the universe and everything in it, loves you and me and offers us the gift of eternal life with Christ. In a […]

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